We love tiny homes

Tiny homes are popular these days — because of the general spike in population count, the concentration of residents in urban areas, smaller living spaces in condominiums and residential units, and also due to various advantages of maintaining smaller spaces. More people are actually going for the smaller houses for the following reasons.

It’s easier to decorate, design, and re-arrange stuff.

 You won’t need a lot of stuff, and a lot of money, to create a cozy nook, for instance. When you get tired of your arrangement, it’s easy to move things around to give the home a whole new look.

It helps you become more purposeful about things that you keep and own. 

You are forced to avoid hoarding, to declutter, and to organize what you have decided to keep. A small space will inspire you to keep those things that you value and need. And because you don’t have a lot of stuff, it also becomes easier to find what you are looking for.

Less clutter means more peace of mind. 

Having a minimalist design contributes to simple living and stress reduction. The eyes and mind are able to rest when our surroundings are not messy. 

It goes without saying that smaller homes also mean less expense.

It’s cheaper to maintain, utility bills are not so expensive, plus you get to reduce your carbon footprint. If you own a tiny home, there is less space to cool with air conditioning and to light up with electric fixtures–and that’s just two of the many ways you can save money.

A small house is easier to clean

It takes less time to clean, requires less cleaning products and less effort, plus it is also easier to maintain this ideal state for a longer time. If you feel like the home needs some deep cleaning, you don’t need a full day to get it done. It also saves you money that you usually spend to pay the cleaning lady.