How to set up a Zoom-ready home

Yes, we do love the fancy (and sometimes quirky) virtual backgrounds available online. Thanks to these, there’s no need to pretend that a portion of the house is all prepped up and virtual-meeting-ready while the rest is a mess.

However, this feature has its flaws. Sometimes, one would look like a ghost floating against a saturated background. While for others who don’t have the best available gadgets, portions of their body would sometimes disappear in the background, creating distractions (and sometimes becoming an unsolicited ice breaker).

While developments are always welcome, sometimes, it just doesn’t do the trick. Oftentimes, tidying and redecorating your home makes all the difference — no more pretending, no more brouhaha, just a beautiful space for pre- and post-virtual meetings.

Declutter your space

We, and all the others, have been saying this for the longest time — even before virtual meetings were a thing — declutter.

To create a home that’s worthy to be a background for your big presentation, organize your workstation. Remove filled out Post-it notes collecting dust on your table, discard pens with no inks, and arrange books and papers so you’ll easily locate them when needed. 

Wipe down your desk to give the place a genuinely fresh aura.

If you’re working in the dining area or living room, do just the same. Arrange everything accordingly and wipe down surfaces.

Fix possible distractions on your ‘backdrop’

Look at your walls. Clean spider cobs you’ve been neglecting for years. Neatly arrange your family’s portraits or graduation photos. And once again, wipe down surfaces and deal with holes or molds on the wall. 

If your bedroom doubles as your home office, this is the perfect opportunity to fold and hang your clothes neatly. This is also a chance to adopt the habit of fixing the bed as soon as you get up.

Rearrange furniture and shelves

When we say “Zoom-ready home,” we’re not just pertaining to things visible in the background, we mean your entire home. 

Give your home a much-needed facelift without spending too much. Change the curtains and use sturdy rods so your background will look much more put-together and professional. If you have a bookshelf, arrange it according to your taste. 

You may dig up YouTube and Pinterest photos and videos for inspiration.

If you’re not keen on investing in ring light, move your desk closer to the window. This way, you’ll be seen clearly while also getting a good feel of the outdoors, even if you’ve been staying at home. 

Speaking of outdoors, plants could also give life to any dull background. Once you’re done with your long meeting, greenery freshens the airs and gives your eyes a much-needed rest. Just don’t forget to water it and place it on a spot where it can thrive.