Creating a safe and touch-free home

Look around your house and notice all the appliances and fixtures you use. Have you realized that your home should also keep up with the changing times? This world of increasing modern technology presents us with ways to improve and upgrade our homes to ultimately make our lives easier.

Times like these call for an unwavering thoughtfulness to hygiene, safety, and health.

More homeowners want to accelerate the adoption of touch-free technology and smart products.

Creating a touch-free and safe home adds another level of comfort and convenience to your home, saves you some money, and creates a healthier environment for daily life.

There are tons of products out there that can help you achieve the upgrade you want for your home. quartz countertops

Here, I present to you a valuable list of touchless technology products, motion-activated lighting, and hygienic products to help you get started in your journey into a touch-free and safe home.

Touchless Technology Products

The bathroom is one of the common and most used areas at home.

Equipping it with hand-free flush, toilet, and sensor faucets can improve hygiene and lessen contact with germs and harmful viruses.

Pozzi Sensor Faucet

The new series from Kohler, the ModernLife Touchless Toilet, is your ultimate partner to achieving a new level of bathroom cleanliness with its easy-to-control and innovative sensor for a no-touch flush feature. Pozzi sensor faucet has a smart motion sensor technology.

It is activated when you wave your hands within the sensing range and instantly stops when your hands move away. Having a sensor faucet will not only save you from worry when kids leave the tap running, it will also make handwashing more efficient with its water-conserving feature.

Give your bathroom a modern feel with high-quality touchless technology products designed to be more hygienic and convenient.

Motion-Activated Lighting

What could be easier than not having to find the light switch in the dark?

Luckily, the market now offers motion-activated lightings that can cut down high-touch zones in your homes.

Alphalux lighting solutions offer motion sensor lights, which turn on automatically when movement is detected within 180-degree sensing range from up to 27 feet away. It automatically turns off after a minute of no detected motion. This new technology can help you save on electricity costs.

Alphalux Motion Sensor Light

No more energy is wasted when the lights are accidentally left open. Alphalux Sensor lights are the perfect lighting solution for corridors, outdoor, and garage. It can also last up to 15,000 hours.

Hygienic Products

An air-conditioning unit is now a necessity when you want to upgrade your home into a more comfortable space. Kaze air-conditioners have superior-quality filters that can guarantee cleaner air and can keep your room free from air pollutants and other smaller particles.

Your space may look clean, but microbes are undetectable to the bare eye. This air conditioning unit will not only keep your homes cool but, at the same time, can keep your air clean. Install Kaze air conditioners for a healthier and cleaner space. Kaze offers inverter split type air-conditioners that are energy-saving, economical, and environment-friendly.

Another hygienic product you might consider choosing is quartz material. It is non-porous, durable and hygienic. When you want to improve hygiene and cleanliness in your kitchen and bathroom area, quartz countertops are the best and practical choice.

Kohler ModernLife countertops are tough and durable, made from strong premium quartz.

It is a non-porous surface and has a low water absorption rating. Thus, quartz countertops are stain-resistant and hygienic, preventing molds and bacteria’s growth on the slab’s surface. quartz countertops are also environmentally friendly as it is made up of more than 90-percent premium quartz crystal, which is eco-friendlier than other materials.

And when you want to get started on upgrading your home into a touch-free and safe home, you can find all these products at Wilcon Depot. Wilcon has covered nearly everything you need for a safe and hands-free home.

Shop safely for your home improvement and building needs and expect to find top-of-the-line product selections offerings ranging from tiles, sanitary wares, plumbing, furniture, home interior, building materials, hardware, electrical, appliances and other DIY items.

Kaze inverter split-type air conditioner

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