A mission to serve Filipino homebuyers

Owning a home is a dream for Filipino families as it symbolizes stability and success in life. Unlike other material things, a home is not just meant to increase one’s net worth. It sets the stage for our biggest milestones with our loved ones, creating memories that we will cherish.

 This is why the business of mass housing is meaningful for me. It is not just about solving the housing backlog in the country by meeting the demands of consumers. For us low-cost and middle-income housing developers, we know what we do can change a person’s life — either for the better or worse.

 Therefore, our mission to serve Filipino homebuyers is the North Star that guides everything we do at Ovialand. Serving our consumers entails us to be better than what we did in the past. We need to create new possibilities for them, such as young Filipino families being able to afford a home that does not cost an arm and a leg and having the next generation of Filipino children live in houses with a strong sense of community.

Everything that I have learned in the business of mass housing has been a personal journey — what started out as researching the market evolved into a stage where I got to know what clients need and want. This journey led me to discover that there is a new generation of homebuyers among us: educated and aspirational young professionals who have better opportunities in life because of their parents’ hard work, and people who can transform the country into a better place for everyone.

 Faithfully serving these homebuyers is among our core values at Ovialand. They are among the many reasons why we strive to provide the best quality of housing to them — a house where they can move into within a 6-9 month timeframe, and a house located within a peaceful, vibrant, and family-oriented community.

 Definitely, there are challenges to providing this aspiration to Filipino homebuyers. But when we find ourselves facing these struggles, we tell ourselves that the work we do is a meaningful vocation that aims to provide a better quality of life to people. As such, Ovialand will always march forward in fulfilling its promise of Premier Family Living to our existing and future clients.