Aspen Hotel business concept presented as ideal project in investment summit

More Filipinos are now future-proofing their lives by looking into making smart investments. There is more awareness on the need to save money for a rainy day, or even making money grow through passive income. However, the main concern is finding the right investment which would yield a good income with less risk.

One of the options available to investors is the opportunity to participate in an innovative concept that is backed by expertise in real estate, property management, and the hospitality industry. This novel investment opportunity was discussed by Novel Residential Concepts Inc. director Chris Chiong at the “Investment Juan On Juan” Symposium held at Ramada Manila Central last June 7.

Aside from Aspen Hotel, the Investment Juan on Juan Summit gathered a restaurant franchise concept, a bank offering loan and trust products and a life insurer to present attractive investment options to modern Filipinos so that they can make a wise choice.

In his talk titled “Investing in Real Estate: Now or Never,” Chiong discussed the trends that make real estate one of the best investments for Filipinos due to their long-yielding earnings. He also introduced the latest project under the Novel’s partnership with C-5 Mansions Development Corporation, where they invite investments into Aspen Hotel’s unique business concept.

Due to the expected demand for luxury accommodations on the C5 area near the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) business hub, they are opening the Aspen Hotel concept within the Ridgewood Square complex located right across the highway. This business concept will offer units for sale at the 14th to 19th floors of the Ridgewood Towers Premier project solely for Aspen Hotel operations. All units will be covered by an Automatic Hotel Unit Lease Agreement.

The luxury property’s rooms will earn for its investors a minimum guaranteed rent of six percent per annum based on the total cost of the unit investment. Bonus rents based on the hotel’s occupancy rates are also offered, with investors thus being able to earn rent of up to 12 percent per annum.

“This business model will offer our investors security, guaranteed returns, and potential bonuses as the property is projected to do very well,” Chiong explained. “Aspen Hotel is set to become a top choice for accommodations in the Fort Bonifacio area because of the hotel’s accessibility to the BGC business and leisure hub, along with its world-class amenities that will be available to local and international guests.”

He invited potential investors to look into the possibilities that they are offering through Aspen Hotel’s lease agreement, maintaining that they offer above-average return on investment. The hotel is expected to perform well considering its strategic location and the continued strong potential of the Philippines as a tourism and business destination.

Investors and top real estate brokers may learn more about the particulars of the Aspen Hotel automatic hotel unit lease program by calling (0917) 808-4905, 882-7995 or sending an email to [email protected].