Hann Resorts: A bold, iconic presence in Clark

Clark is emerging as a top IR destination, driven by Hann Resorts’ iconic presence in the region,  with strategic developments, akin to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Hann Resorts is leading this change with two key projects: Hann Casino Resort in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, and the upcoming Hann Reserve in New Clark City, Tarlac. Hann Casino Resort sets a new luxury standard with Central Luzon’s first five-star international hotel, Clark Marriott, and the Philippines’ first Swissotel. Meanwhile, Hann Reserve, a 450-hectare master-planned mixed-use development, is just 10 minutes from Clark International Airport and two hours from Manila. These projects offer a blend of leisure and luxury living, enhancing Clark’s appeal as a premier destination.

Boldly first, boldly iconic

Vice President for Real Estate and Property Development at Hann Philippines, Ms. Agnes “Neki” Liwanag, underscores the importance of being at the forefront, “We want to be the first mover. Although there are many integrated resorts (IRs) in the Philippines, we aim to be the first real IR outside of Manila, differentiating ourselves by offering something unique and luxurious right here in Clark. Our goal is to create iconic architecture, instagrammable areas, and exceptional F&B outlets that will draw people out of Manila and into Clark.”

Bold mover: Neki Liwanag, Hann VP for Real Estate and Property Development

“Play Bold, Live Bold” is the ethos of the company, evident in the spirit of its leadership team. As witnessed in an interview Property Report did in February, Mr. Dae Sik Han brought a dynamic energy that tells you something is about to happen; something is about to get done. The same energy is present when you listen to Neki, the executor of Mr. Han’s vision. “Everything we do is bold. Imagine this, during the pandemic, we finished this property, and even without knowing what would happen, we still opened in December 2021. We opened it when everybody else was saying, ‘Stop, you’re crazy!’ But no, it’s a bold move,” Ms. Liwanag asserts.

Architectural excellence and culinary delights

The resort’s architecture stands out with its modern elegance and innovative use of space. Its interiors, designed by top industry professionals, exude sophistication and comfort. Dining at Hann Casino Resort is an experience unto itself, featuring top-rated F&B outlets that offer a range of culinary experiences, from local delicacies to international cuisine.

“We hire designers from Hong Kong, from Singapore; we get our partners, our brands – with Accor, with Marriott. So that’s how we differentiate ourselves; we make sure that the quality that we give is international. We’re not only competing with the Manila market, we’re also competing in Asia, competing all over the world,” Ms. Liwanag explains.

Patti Javier, AVP for Corporate Marketing, emphasizes the importance of choosing the right partners, “I think that a deliberate choice of partners helps the design team. It’s in that aspect that we continuously innovate in choosing the right design partners.”

Ms. Liwanag continues, highlighting their approach to combining local and international expertise: “What we usually do, we hire international consultants to work with the local counterpart. In the end, we spend more, but we are willing to spend on this doubled manpower to make sure that what we create is of global standards.”

She further emphasizes their commitment to global standards: “I teach my team – our mindset should not only be for Pampanga or the Philippines. Our mindset should be global. So, whenever we do our punch list, whenever we do inspections, our designs, we have to think — will this be accepted if it was in Paris or if it was built in the US or in Dubai? We have to think differently so that we can achieve that elevated experience.”

Hann Reserve: The future of ultra-luxury

Luxury rising: Hann Reserve in New Clark City, Tarlac

The upcoming Hann Reserve in New Clark City, Tarlac is set to elevate luxury living even further. This eco-luxury sanctuary includes three designer golf courses and renowned hotel brands such as Banyan Tree, the Marriott group, and the Accor group, ensuring a holistic approach to leisure living.

“Hann Reserve is a nature reserve, thus the name. The world and technology may change, but nature will always be there, and will never go out of style. So, we wanted to celebrate nature, for long-term design, and sustainability. We focused on developing the entire property based on nature,” Ms. Liwanag shares.

She also highlights the boldness of this upcoming project, “We are doing Hann Reserve in a mountainous area. Others were saying, ‘Neki, are you sure you want this property? But we saw the potential. It is a difficult terrain, but still, we took the challenge and now we’re developing it. Now we’re targeting to complete the golf course next year, and then Banyan Tree the following year.”

Commitment to innovation and investment

Hann Resorts’ dedication to innovation is evident in their continuous investments. This commitment ensures that the resort remains a top destination, even amid challenging times. “We believe in constant investment. It’s not a one-time thing. We continuously refurbish and upgrade our facilities to maintain our high standards.”

Hann Reserve is set to achieve several milestones in the coming years. By the end of 2025, Hann Reserve will complete a golf course designed by the firm founded by retired champion Jack Nicklaus. This will be followed by the Banyan Tree Hotel in 2026, and additional golf courses and residences by 2028.

Hann Casino Resort elevates the IR experience in Clark

Ms. Liwanag shared more of their ambitious plans for the expansion of Hann Casino Resort, “We will be adding more room keys to Hann Casino Resort. For phase one, we are targeting an additional 800 room keys on top of the more than 800 room keys that we currently have. We also are planning a casino expansion, the development of the 8th Avenue retail strip, more restaurants, F&B, and MICE facilities that will all be integrated and walkable within a 3.2-hectare land area.”

Hann Resorts is also deeply invested in the local community, employing 1,500 people, mostly from the region. They established a foundation in 2007, which collaborates with local governments and agencies to match job seekers with opportunities. Ms. Liwanag adds, “The foundation is also collaborating with TESDA to train construction workers and other workers in Tarlac. This is a focus of the foundation, to also prepare the capacity of the community for the incoming developments.”

A continuously bold future for Hann Resorts

Hann Resorts is not just redefining luxury and integrated resort experiences in the Philippines; it is setting a new standard by rising as an iconic presence. By combining world-class design with local expertise, they are creating not just a destination, but an experience that stands out globally. With the expansion of Hann Casino Resort and future projects like Hann Reserve, the company is poised to elevate the luxury experience even further, making Clark a premier IR destination on the global stage.