Double Dragon to continue growing

Message of Edgar ‘Injap’ Sia II delivered during the Annual Shareholders Meeting Sept. 30, 2020

Good morning!

There is no denying that everyone was hit. In one way or another, we were all affected by the situation brought by the COVID-19 virus.

The economy went down as everyone faced an unfamiliar enemy- an unseen and highly contagious virus that has no known medicine or vaccine up to now.

A global crisis ensued, something we’ve never seen before — where all nations are facing the same problem, all at the same time.

Fear and anxiety embraced the whole world in the past several months. The possibility that the vaccine may come too late, or may never even come, disturbed us all in a major way.

However, as time passed by, in some way, we have been naturally forced, to adjust, and find a workaround, to live with the invisible enemy.

Given the great extent of the destruction of this pandemic, the magnitude is enough to make permanent behavioral changes in all of us.

(Photo by Ernie Peñaredondo/STAR)

And it made us think of our future as well. Will DoubleDragon’s portfolio not become obsolete, and still be relevant going forward?

Your DD team were able to lay down the foundations, in advance, on the resilient areas within the real estate industry, that is not totally immune, but is expected to remain highly relevant going forward.

We did not foresee these to happen, actually we just got lucky, and we are grateful.

At any moment that the economy is ready to pounce and jump up, your company, DD, is just as ready.

Right now, one day at a time, your DoubleDragon team continue to work and navigate through this unprecedented journey, but know that the I, along with the DD management team, are on top of the situation.

My desire to see DoubleDragon grow multiple folds in the years to come is profound andnabsolute.

Thank you.