SM Aura Premier hosts first SMBC Bonsai Exhibit

The Southern Manila Bonsai Club (SMBC) presented its very first Bonsai Exhibit titled, “Art and Nature” recently at SM Aura Premier, featuring a unique collection of bonsai along with a showcase of Suiseki — the art of stone.

SM Aura Premier was dressed in “Art and Nature” as the upper ground floor and mall entrance will display a total of 64 one-of-a-kind bonsai creations, including a very rare 12-foot raft kalyos. On the third floor, the Natural Stone Society introduced the art of Suiseki or stone arrangement with 40 natural formations. Guests learned the art of bonsai with demos held by master instructor Yen Tzi Jing and SMBC president Richard Tuppil, among other lecturers.

A perfect home for Art and Nature

SM Aura Premier is a staunch supporter of the environment, with a LEED gold certification. Under their “Lush Initiative” project, SM Aura limited its use of straws in dining with the“Last Straw” movement, became the first mall to accept eco-bricks, and had built an herb garden with all proceeds donated to calamity funds, emergency assistance and building of schools. Fused with their “Art in Aura” campaign, SM Aura Premier partnered with Save Philippine Seas to create a wall mural for marine life awareness, and a polar bear installation with WWFF to address climate change.

Through the Bonsai Exhibit, in partnership with the SMBC, Natural Stone Society, and Philippine Bonsai Society Inc., SM Aura Premier enjoins its community to care more for the environment by inviting mall goers to witness the artful beauty of nature in the form of bonsai and suiseki.

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