Try this adventure tour at Hamilo Coast

Hamilo Coast, the premier seaside residential development of the SM Group, is offering an on-site adventure tour to homeowners and guests to get them to participate in efforts to preserve natural habitats like its mangrove forest.

One of nature’s essential habitats at Hamilo Coast, the 10-hectare mangrove forest is the largest of its kind in Nasugbu, Batangas. Together with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature Philippines, Hamilo Coast continues to preserve over 10,000 mangrove trees in this lush coastal paradise.

The premier community recognizes the vital role that mangrove trees play in nurturing the very ground they stand on. Mangrove roots filter the silt and sediment that tides carry in and rivers carry out toward the sea. They lodge themselves in the soft soil of tidal mudflats while holding it in place to stabilize the shoreline against erosion, storm surges and hurricanes.

One of nature’s essential habitats at Hamilo Coast is a 10-hectare mangrove forest, the largest of its kind in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Conservationists also believe that of all coastal ecosystems, mangrove preservation is a sound investment due to its high adaptive capacity to climate change.

Mangroves also act as marine sanctuaries for a massive diversity of fish and underwater creatures.

These habitat-forming species take refuge in this protective nursery where they often thrive at the interface of open water and the terrestrial environment.

Those who come to visit the thickets of mangroves at Hamilo Coast begin their tour with a short 200-meter trek through the forest. Along the path are posters that explain the crucial role of mangrove trees in reforestation.

At the end of the trail, guests are taken on a canoe ride through the reforested area. Tour guides share the inspiring story of how the once empty and gray plot of land was transformed into the lush mangrove forest it is now.

Paddling through the cove’s salty shallow waters, guides also point to endemic species of plants and birds who help keep the delicate balance in its ecology.

With mangrove trees growing up to a towering 50 feet, visitors have a unique opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring effects of Hamilo Coast’s dedicated stewardship toward the environment. As they cruise beneath the canopy of leaves that block out the sun, one feels the crisp, clean air in the forest and surrounding areas.

Guests are accompanied by tour guides who share the inspiring story of how the once empty and gray plot of land was transformed into the lush mangrove forest it is now.

This can be attributed to the fact that mangrove trees are carbon powerhouses.

Mangrove trees absorb up to four times more carbon dioxide by area than upland terrestrial trees.

These underwater havens aid in the proliferation of fish in Nasugbu’s waters as well. This, in turn, contributes to the local fishing community’s livelihood that makes its home at Papaya Cove where the tour ends.

This profound journey through the serene beauty of both land and sea exemplifies Hamilo Coast’s concern, respect and commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

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