A Vision rises: Northern Luzon’s center of excellence

Alviera Estate’s progressive vision comes to fruition

True to being a visionary, Alviera realizes a complete, integrated, mixed-use development encompassing 1,800 hectares, which stands on the cusp of becoming the northern region of Luzon’s most eminent hub for business, leisure, and progressive growth. This dynamic estate, brought to life by the concerted efforts of Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Leonio Land Holdings Inc. (LLHI) is the epitome of an urban oasis, where nature and progress converge seamlessly. Seven compelling reasons point to an opportune and timely investment.

1. A testament to sustainable growth

Encompassing 400 hectares of activated land that brims with vitality, Alviera serves as a model for sustainable and strategic urban planning. Beyond the verdant landscapes and open spaces, the estate nurtures a rich variety of life through its “live, work, and play” ecosystem with residential, leisure, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, culminating in a self-sufficient community.

2. Connectivity and accessibility: A central pillar

Alviera’s strategic placement in Central Luzon shines as a beacon of connectivity and opportunity, bolstered by government infrastructural investments amounting to P1.8 trillion. The estate’s accessibility is unprecedented, thanks to critical infrastructural projects such as the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road, the TPLEX Extension, and the extensive expansion of Clark Airport. Upcoming projects like the CLLEX Ph1 and Ph2, as well as the PNR North and South rail lines and the New Manila (Bulacan) International Airport, position Alviera not simply as a regional nexus but as a key player of national economic significance.

3. A magnet for investors and residents alike 

For the astute investor, Alviera represents an unparalleled investment prospect. The fusion of strategic location, multifaceted development components, and a commitment to sustainability mark Alviera as a prime destination for those looking to invest in a future where modern life dances in harmony with nature.

With more than 5,200 residential units sold under renowned brands sucah as Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, and Avida, the community’s vibrancy is undeniable. The fully sold industrial zone is bustling with three operating locators like Monde Nissin, signaling a potent commercial future. As construction and planning for new locators advance, with 4 under construction and another 4 incoming, plus with a current 700-strong workforce, Alviera solidifies its role as a thriving industrial hub.

4. A new standard for commercial real estate

Alviera A-Block, the estate’s first commercial development in the Central Business District, is poised to redefine commercial space. Envisioned as a walkable, community-centric commercial hub, the A-Block is a model of modern, functional, and progressive urban design. With land development starting in November 2023 and slated for completion by the second quarter of 2025, it offers a strategic advantage for businesses and a lively urban environment for consumers.

5. Institutional excellence and innovation

Alviera’s offerings extend beyond residential and commercial opportunities; it’s also an educational bastion. Miriam College is poised to commence its inaugural academic offerings by 2023, bringing award-winning architectural design to the estate. Concurrently, the La Salle Botanical Garden is set to begin its land development by the end of 2024, embodying a marriage between academic pursuit and natural splendor.

6. Embracing residential and leisure aspirations

The residential and leisure components of Alviera are equally impressive with five out of nine villages already turned over. In 2024, the community will see further expansion with Avida’s Greendale and ALP’s Park Estates poised to elevate living experiences. Meanwhile, the estate’s leisure attractions have proven their appeal, drawing in over 30,000 visitors last year, a clear indicator of Alviera’s vibrant and engaged community life.

7. Forward-thinking sustainability

Alviera’s sustainable approach is a core pillar of its design philosophy.  The estate integrates sustainability at its heart with several key initiatives. It boasts extensive plant production, with over 52,862 shrubs and 14,310 seeds sown to boost biodiversity. The estate also practices xeriscaping, promoting water-efficient gardens throughout the East District.

Additionally, 20,000 summer blooms have been grown through the Annual Blooms program, reflecting a commitment to ecological vitality. Alviera’s composting efforts enhance soil health and reduce waste. The Communitree project, with its 1,500-strong tree inventory aiming for harvest by 2026, exemplifies Alviera’s investment in long-term environmental health.

Alviera is much more than a property development; it is a pioneering community that drives the city by seamlessly integrating lifestyle, business, and ecological stewardship into a single, flourishing environment. As a beacon of green progress in the North, Alviera warmly welcomes investors, business entrepreneurs, residents, and like-minded individuals who value excellence, to become a part of this remarkable journey of growth and prosperity.

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