New normal, more fun in Tagaytay Highlands

The “live-work-play” lifestyle concept that took off over the past few years immediately caught on in urban environments.

However, in the thick of the pandemic, the triad lost its “play” element almost overnight, putting a new spin on LWP – “life-without-play”, in which Filipino families had to endure a long-drawn-out period of quarantine restrictions characterized by tedious work-from-home routines.

Tagaytay Highlands, a prime leisure development of the SM Group of Companies,  takes the concept of play to a whole new level of engagement with an entire slew of stress-busting outdoor and indoor activities available at designated times while keeping everyone’s safety a top priority.

Create precious bonding moments with your children at the Fishing Pier of Tagaytay Highlands Country Club.

As a round of golf in two of Asia’s most exciting golf courses comes with the added value of having stunning vistas of Taal Lake, Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling in the distance, tee off now equals face mask plus face shield. To further ensure the safety of caddies, club employees, and members/guests playing out in the open, the fairways remain a social distancing zone. Players, who are urged to bring their own towels and water jugs, are also responsible for handling and cleaning their golf equipment and golf carts.

To reinforce protective measures, Tagaytay Highlands’ locker rooms and showers remain off-limits as per IATF guidelines, on which stern warnings and/or players’ suspension may be issued by the clubs should breaches and violations be made.

In one of Tagaytay Highlands Country Club’s multiple pools, one can either swim a few laps or simply soak up in luxury.

Notwithstanding the pandemic, Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club continues to safely challenge players to a game of dare with its demanding 13th tee, set no less than 84 meters above the greens, and its 18th hole, which presents a test of a 150-yard-wide gully. Integrating its layout with the development’s high elevation and picturesque surroundings, the golf course combines man-made ingenuity with breathtaking natural landscapes.

Tagaytay Midlands Golf Club is home to another exclusive golf course which features picture-perfect views of Taal Lake that let players bring their A-game while adhering to safety rules. Situated amidst a dense forest 1,000 feet above Taal Lake, the 400-hectare-27-hole championship golf course strongly appeals to the sport’s more competitive enthusiasts.

The fun is just getting started as homeowners and guests have the option to indulge in non-golfing pursuits that promote an equally active lifestyle. 

Precious bonding moments await families at The Tagaytay Highlands Country Club, the ultimate haven for sports and recreation with activities for youngsters and adults’ every persuasion. Housed within its three-level sports center is every leisure venue imaginable. In one of its multiple pools, one can either swim a few laps or simply soak up in luxury. Time to round up the gang to shoot some hoops at the indoor basketball court. You can also perfect those powerful smashes in a game of tennis or badminton. How about taking good sportsmanship to the next level at the billiards hall or the 14-lane disco bowling center?

For an up-close encounter with nature, grab your friends for an ATV trail challenge and trek the mountainside, or keep yourself healthy by pedalling your way around Tagaytay Highlands’ bike trail. Take the kids to the fishing pier and pedal go-karts to make up for lost time with your little ones. There’s also a fitness gym at the member’s disposal.

Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Course combines man-made ingenuity with breathtaking natural landscapes.

The same government-mandated health protocols are enforced at The Tagaytay Highlands Country Club. Homeowners and guests are expected to wear face masks and face shields outside their homes; maintain a one-meter distance from one another, and to wash hands often. All club personnel strictly follow sanitation procedures and safety protocols at all facilities in Tagaytay Highlands, such as contactless temperature scanning, regular disinfection and social distancing. To reinforce safety protocols, hand sanitizers and disinfecting foot mats are also installed in all public entrances and exits at all facilities.

Forward-thinking Filipinos who are heeding the call both indoors and outdoors will find comfort in knowing that Tagaytay Highlands has proven to be extremely efficient in complying with health and safety measures and delivery of quick crisis responses during adverse natural and high-risk events.

Indeed, the serenity in places close to nature is a balm to the mind, body, and spirit. As part of the exclusive benefits enjoyed by a Tagaytay Highlands member or homeowner, access to world-class sports and recreation amenities is a sure-fire way of coping with the new normal, and to find a permanent home space where play is integral to life.