A new cabin-style resort opens in Bulacan

Life can get frustrating, especially when you struggle to meet its pace. There are times when you wish the week to end, even if it’s only starting. Forgetting the chaos of life is possible with The Cabin Resorts. Located in San Miguel, Bulacan, this vacation spot is strategically tucked away from the expressway to provide the serene experience your heart desires.

Ginno Cruz, The Cabin’s 26-year-old GM, advises guests to bring an SUV since “it’s a rough drive getting to the resort.” Nevertheless, the resort also offers free pick-up service at Gulf Gas Station, where you can park your vehicle safely.

The resort also features an infinity pool.

If you want a tranquil experience away from the fast-paced lifestyle in Metro Manila, booking a stay in the resort is a perfect idea. Since the resort is located only an hour away from Bocaue Toll Barrier at NLEX, you’re assured that your stay will be far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Upon arriving, you’ll feel like you’re suddenly transported back to the popular television series, Tabing Ilog, with its loft-style cabins, sparkling lake and relaxing atmosphere.

The Cabin’s Beginnings

According to Cruz, The Cabin’s location used to be within their family’s compound in Baliuag, Bulacan and was actually his father’s office. Their family friends urged his father to convert the office into a vacation spot for guests to stay.

The business ran for around two years. After that, his father decided to have a full-blown, bigger resort and transfer it to their vacant lot in San Miguel. Besides, the family also wished to help boost tourism in the town.

Go kayaking around the lake if you want to see more of the scenery.

“We saw potential in San Miguel — a quiet place with cool delicacies like pastillas and chicharon, and the people here are so nice. We also wanted to help the locals so we hired people from this town. Of course, we want to showcase the pride of San Miguel, that it’s a peaceful and isolated place,” adds Cruz.

Last October, the San Miguel resort opened with five units and amenities. Meanwhile, The Cabin in Baliuag, Bulacan has been closed for private use, and is currently reserved only for the Cruz’s family and friends.


The Best Place To Unwind

The resort has five spacious and cozy accommodations housed in rustic, wooden cabins. Each features a living room with television, dining ar

The bedroom is the perfect mixture of relaxation and sustainability, located on every cabin’s second floor.

ea, two queen-sized beds, and a view deck overlooking the resort’s majestic lake. The cabin can fit up to eight people, and you can request for extra mattresses.

Resort facilities also include an infinity swimming pool and a bar located in the clubhouse with the similar rustic style. The latter provides a spacious space for guests to enjoy a hearty meal or grab a drink.

The restaurant and bar stay faithful to the resort’s overall objective: providing a tranquil experience for its guests.

Not only can you lounge or sleep all day at The Cabin, you may also try activities such as archery, ATV ride, kayaking, fishing and bonfire nights. In addition, you can purchase the fish you’ve caught for P200 per kilogram and have them cooked for an additional fee of P150.

The Cabin also puts environment conservation on top as it is powered by 40-percent solar energy. While the resort provides biodegradable charcoal toothbrushes, they also encourage guests to bring toiletries in reusable containers.

Peaceful is an understatement to describe The Cabin as a vacation spot. With the resort’s calming design, it has become a perfect place to recharge and meditate — to be alone with your thoughts and reflections.

One of the resort’s activities is an ATV ride if you want to get down and dirty.

The Cabin may just be what you need for a restful weekend. When asked about the resort’s future plans, Cruz smiles. “It’s a secret,” he responds.

* * *

For more information about The Cabin Resorts, visit its official Facebook and Instagram pages. To book a stay, send a message to its Facebook page or email [email protected].