Tostem’s Atis: Framing the beauty of living

A dream home is not just made of interiors and exteriors. What also makes it your dream home are the views outdoors that you can unite seamlessly with the inside.

TOSTEM, a global leader in housing technology, unveils ATIS, its newest collection that transforms these views into moving art. The result is a fusion of the beauty of the outside world and the indoors.

ATIS is not just a window or door frame but a moving art which frames the beauty of living.

Atis: The art of the view

ATIS is a collection of windows and doors that believes in simple beauty and the beauty of simplicity and which is created with artistic and minimal design.

With ATIS, there are no obstructions or distractions.  ATIS will change the way we build and live. Frame by frame. Beautifully.

Born from the innovation and technology of Japan, a land embraced by both the gifts and hardships of nature, TOSTEM has over half-a-century of experience forged into its collections.

With ATIS, TOSTEM offers windows and doors that go above and beyond Japanese industrial standards. With a design refined through Japan’s changing seasons, ATIS offers harmony of functional performance and simple design.

ATIS promises top-of-the-line security together with a unique aesthetic for your home.

For one, all the hardware is concealed. You won’t see any caps and screws, yet its technology, quality, performance, and design all work beautifully. ATIS doors are simple yet all functional, with all machinery hidden in the frame, even door stoppers.

Product offerings

The ATIS collection features a wide array of product offerings fit for your aesthetic and suited for your lifestyle.  It consists of 11 types of windows, ranging from tilt & slide windows, casement windows, awning windows, corner fixed windows, fixed and unit windows, and sliding windows. It also has six doors in its collection ranging from double swing doors, single swing doors, and sliding doors with two, three, four or six panels, customizable to your needs.

Sliding windows come with a safety stopper ensuring that anyone who uses them won’t get hurt. The awning window comes with an orbit handle, simply designed, simply functional. The tilt & slide window features two elements, tilting and sliding, all in one. All ATIS windows are equipped with the smart screen system with an invisible shield, keeping insects out, letting more airflow in, and increasing transparency. The view is always unimpeded – just pure artistry. The end goal is not just window or door frames after all – it is beauty.

In all, the ATIS collection offers an unobstructed view with a greater glass surface area. Nature and the view are sure to be exemplified.

At the heart of the design philosophy of TOSTEM lies the creation of products to enhance joy in your home. The smallest details of your daily interaction with your windows and doors are all considered, to create the best possible experience. Every element measures up to the highest standard of function, form, and endurance. They are, after all, not just another window or door in another home – they are yours — framing beauty, framing life. That’s ATIS: The Art of the View.• The patent design of ATIS offers not only aesthetics but also innovation and technology ‘built within’.

• The L-FIT handle, used across the ATIS range of windows and doors, was designed to be comfortable to hold and to harmonize with your interior.

• When sliding your tilt and slide window panel upward or downward, our patented PSS BALANCE HARDWARE supports and guides the movement.

• The ATIS collection can withstand 1,200 Pa of wind loading resistance, making it suitable for use for any building with a height of 20 to 40 meters. The ATIS Plus collection can withstand 2000 Pa of wind load, making it suitable for a wider array of construction.

• ATIS also has a water tightness of 250 Pa, able to prevent water infiltration if used in the right construction. With the ATIS plus collection, you get a higher water tightness of 300Pa.

• Air tightness, the capability to prevent air leaks, maintain air quality within the room and prevent nuisances such as dust, unpleasant smell and pollution is also at the A-4 Japanese Industrial Standards level.

• Noise insulation of 25dB, guaranteed to keep the peace inside your home.

• All unwanted parts are eliminated;  no caps and no screw holes anywhere on the panel.

• All the hardware is embedded inside the frame.

• ATIS casement and awning windows products use a smart screen system with an invisible shield, an insect screen 40% thinner than conventional insect screens for 20% more transparency, 20% smaller gaps for minimal insect intrusion, and 20% more airflow for a well-ventilated room.

• The invisible shield technology is available for all ATIS products.

• Sliding windows come with a safety stopper.

• ATIS doors conceal all machinery.