Man of the House

In a typical Filipino household, child-rearing and taking care of the home are responsibilities usually entrusted to the woman, while the man takes on the role of a breadwinner, working to provide for the needs of his growing family.

Decades ago, a reversal of these roles would have been unthinkable, even frowned upon by society.

Yet today, with gender roles becoming less rigid, women are more empowered to pursue a career outside the home while men have proven that they can run the household just as well.

The Latoza household

Take the case of this father in a quiet corner of Pasig City, for instance.

One dad is a proud househusband and he quietly proves everyday that his title of “Man of House” isn’t just for show — it’s his duty.

Daily routine

Everyday, long before the sun rises, Edwin ‘Doods’ Latoza, 62, is already up and about for his exercise routine. Since his quadruple heart bypass IN January last year, doctors reminded him to stay away from strenuous activities.

Still, he maintains an active lifestyle, thankful for a second chance at life while his loving wife Lelanie ‘Baby’ Latoza, 58, maintains a career as a chemical engineer specializing in Metallurgy and jewelry.

In their 29 years of marriage, this loving duo was gifted with three kids: Kish (29), Ciar (28) and Dwayne (25), all young professionals.

Just few months after Doods operation, the pandemic came and changed their lifestyle.

Barred from venturing outside due to his comorbidity, he focused all his energy at home, keeping a myriad of creative ways to be busy and stay productive.

Part of his morning ritual IS preparing the food and other needs of his brood–all of whom are working from home.

Whatever their needs are, dad is just an arms length away, ready and waiting.

“On weekdays, my wife is busy and my kids are all working from home so I do all the housework,” he says.

Master of the garden and kitchen

Yet, even with these duties, he finds ample time for a newfound hobby–urban gardening in vibrant greenery perched atop their sunny roof deck.

A quick glimpse in this urban garden will show you a roster of vegetables, from eggplants, to lettuce, chili, calamansi and many other greens.

When wife Baby comes from the market, daddy Doods does his magic in the kitchen.

When asked what dish he specializes in, Doods is reluctant to answer. Yet the kids can vouch that dad’s signature sisig can give even the best cooks in Pampanga a run for their money.

“I do gardening, I always water my plants in a rooftop garden that I set-up. I didn’t know how at first, but I learned it all on YouTube,” Doods shares.

“I like cooking and gardening,” Doods explains, adding that he doesn’t scour cookbook pages for recipes. Instead, YouTube tutorials do the trick.

“I watch new recipes and get ideas on what to cook for the coming days. I also discover new gardening techniques on YouTube,” he admits, confident of the newfound knowledge he discovered.


It’s the Latoza kids who introduced Doods to the wonders of Netflix. And it’s just now that he realizes why those Korean dramas on the streaming platform are habit-forming.

“I watch YouTube or Netflix on the TV that my kids set up so I can enjoy a larger screen. Lately, I have been enjoying K-dramas, I like those with action,” he admits.

Keeping the home together

He also dispelled the notion that stay-at-home dads are having it easy, being at home all the time.

“Many think that things are easy when you’re at home. It’s not. But stay-at-home dads like us have big roles to play in the family—we give support and keep the home together for our loved ones.”

Through all the years and challenges, Baby attests to Dood’s commitment to family and their three-decades of marriage.

“He’s the best companion and protector. Wherever I go, he accompanies me,” she beams.

For Father’s Day, the kids took time to remind their hard-working Wonder Dad to take it easy and be mindful of his health.

“Papa, don’t forget to take care of yourself. How will you take care of us if you don’t take care of yourself? We love you and your dad jokes,” Doods says, quoting his children.

“It’s not hard, if it’s for the people you love. Every day, for me, is memorable because not everyone is given a second chance in life. That is what I treasure most everyday,” Doods concludes.


For husbands and fathers, the traditional definition of manhood is confined to physical strength and the breadwinner status. But in this modern age, the best testament of living up to manhood ideals isn’t the standards set by other people — it’s the warm smiles and tight hugs you can get from your wife and kids.