No aircon? No worries

We are still in the thick of summer and the days can sometimes be unbearably hot, especially if you are staying out or in an aircon-less room. Some people want to save on electricity so they don’t keep it running all the time. Others simply don’t have a choice but to stay in a room without air conditioning. Check out these ten cooling tips for those times and places where air conditioning is unavailable:

Use thermal curtains to block out the sun and heat. They can reduce heat by as much as 24%; aside from that, you also get an extra layer of protection from unwanted noise and bright lights. It can also be used alongside an airconditioning unit to help make the home more energy-efficient.

Turn to indoor plants. Some plants can cool the temperature inside a room by as much as 10 degrees. Aside from that, there are plants that release moisture into the air, thereby maintaining humidity at a comfortable level. But that’s not all — there are plants that can purify the air, too!

Use a dehumidifier. If you are staying in a place with high humidity, use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity and make yourself feel more comfy. They are also known to help reduce mold and mildew and to protect some types of furniture.

Grow wall vines and green roofs. Allow vines to climb your walls to help keep the heat out. They are also known to quickly absorb and dissipate heat from the sun. A green roof works the same way, preventing too much heat from going through the roof’s surface. These solutions can help reduce your electric bill and purify your air at the same time.

Trees to the rescue. A natural way to keep cool is to provide shade by using solutions like awnings or by planting shady trees. If you want to reduce solar heat by as much as 6 degrees — without spending too much money — choose the right kind of tree and plant it strategically such that it can offer appropriate shading.

Try to keep the home cool. Try to use your dryer, oven, stove, or even lightbulbs early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperature is cooler. This will help minimize the heat you generate inside your home. It needs a little planning but it can be done.

Wear light-colored clothing made from cotton. Loose clothing will help keep you cool during super hot days. Avoid wearing tight jeans or snug shirts. Instead, go for flowy skirts, light housedresses, loose pants, and the like. Cotton and linen are two of the most breathable fabrics around — go for those and avoid synthetic fiber.

Make use of ceiling fans, floor fans, window fans, tower fans, etc. Ceiling fans, in particular, may be used alongside an A/C for greater comfort. With or without air conditioning, it moves air around the room to keep things cool. Floor fans and window fans work the same way — they give a wind chill effect to improve temperature while helping you save money on electricity because they use less power compared to an A/C system.

Cold compress helps. But not just anywhere; be sure to cool down your pulse points using an ice pack or cold washcloth. So which points should you focus on? You can start with the insides of your wrists, your temples, and neck. When you cool your pulse points down, the whole body will eventually feel cooler.

Hydrate! When it’s hot, our body regulates its temperature by sweating. Help your body by staying fully hydrated at all times, especially during hot days. Avoid exercising in extreme heat, and don’t wait until you’re thirsty before drinking water. Hydrate regularly throughout the day to avoid dehydration.