How to create an Instagrammable home

Now that everyone is spending most of their time at home, many people are taking the time and effort to spruce up their space. With so much inspiration out there ripe for the picking on the internet, is it any wonder that some are tempted to purchase new home décor or even renovate their property? But for all would-be-renovators there, don’t forget to consider the safety of your projects first before getting started. After all, safety should come before aesthetics.

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to make your home Instagrammable without sacrificing safety.


Home sanitation stations are a new essential feature in any household right now. Setups can be minimalist with just a bottle of alcohol, but taking the time to plan a comprehensive setup can make your home that much safer while still being pleasing to the eye.  

Establishing a flow that makes sense will help remind you what to do. Start with a foot bath to clean shoe soles, followed by disinfectants to sanitize your hands, keys, and other items. Place a hamper nearby for dirty clothes and a trash bin to dispose of face masks. Finally, keep a clear path to the bathroom so you can immediately wash off any germs from the outside world.

Living room, home office, and bedroom

One of the central fixtures of any home, this area is also likely one of the most densely decorated. Pay extra attention to these rooms since they get the most foot traffic for the safety of your household. 

Keep floors clear of cables, toys, and other clutter that may hinder the path for anyone passing by. If you’re aboard the plantita/plantito train, make sure to do your research and keep possibly harmful ones away from kids and pets. Take note to never overload extension cords and always unplug electronics when not in use. Not only will your space look cleaner and feel bigger, this will keep you safe from electrical hazards, too!


From bath essentials to cleaning tools to blow dryers, it’s tempting to just stash them all in the cabinet and be done with it. However, don’t underestimate how proper storage and placement can optimize this private space while also looking good.

Practice safety precautions by storing chemical cleaners away from children’s reach and in a lidded container, and place a good distance between your electrical devices and water sources. To avoid slipping in the bath, stick to non-slip bath grips in the shower to keep your balance. Additionally, you may want to keep your caddy within easy reach of your shower to make it easier for you and your household.


Now that you’re probably doing more home-cooking than ever, having an organized and aesthetically pleasing kitchen to experiment with recipes is a must that is unfortunately quite a bit of a challenge. The tip is to ensure a clean and organized kitchen is a smart layout, lots of storage space, and the right tools.

Arrange appliances in a way to reduce movement since you’ll often be handling hot, sharp, or fragile tools. A typical kitchen flow is fridge, prep counter then stove. Keep seldom-used cooking appliances in cabinets to lessen countertop items and bring them out only when needed to clear up space and it can serve as a reminder for you to unplug them before settling down for the day. 

Lastly, keep your kitchen—and by extension your entire house—intact and beautiful by choosing only safe and trusted kitchen fuel like Solane LPG. Make sure it’s Verified Solane because copycats and knockoffs are never safe!

These small things could mean the difference between staying safe and having a serious accident. While you don’t need to let go of aesthetics when renovating or redecorating your home, make sure to consider safety first.

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