She can slay it!

Women are now rolling up their sleeves, picking up the tools, and starting to do the repairs, improvement and maintenance at home. As many always say, “A woman’s home is never done.” For women, every day seems a perfect time to repaint walls, declutter the kitchen area, decorate the living room, even upgrade the bathroom.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, I would like to remind every woman that she deserves to recognize that she can do any home improvement project that she wishes to do. So, I’ve compiled high-quality tools and products from Wilcon Depot that you might need for your next home renovation and DIY projects.

DIY paint job

The No. 1 home project a woman can do beautifully is repainting walls. It is always fun and exciting to repaint walls and give it a fresh new look. To make sure that painting is done easily and efficiently, Truper offers high-quality tools like brushes, paint rollers, tray, paint scraper, and putty knife. As for the hard-to-reach walls and ceilings, a multifunctional ladder from is a must-have. household ladder; Truper putty knife, non-slip black roll, paint roller, paint tray, and paint brushes.

Home maintenance and repairs

A handywoman can handle maintenance and emergency repairs smoothly. Whether it be fixing clogged drains, leaking faucets or pipes, flickering lights, or floor cracks, she can keep a home running well. To maintain a well-managed home, make sure to be equipped with necessary tools like a metal hacksaw, pliers, screwdriver, and hammer from Truper, and Rubi safety gloves that will surely suit daily home repair needs. In replacing damaged lighting fixtures, go for Alphalux LED lights that can save energy and brighten up homes. When bugged by common cabinet problems, Direct Hardware provides simple solutions to replace hinges, handles, and locks.

Alphalux light bulb; Rubi protective gloves; Direct Hardware hinges, door locks and cabinet handles; Truper metal hacksaw, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and adjustable wrench with grip.

Gardening projects

Many women nowadays enjoy gardening as a hobby. Not only does having plants around add character to your home, it also relieves stress and thus a great mood-booster. Truper makes life much easier with high-quality gardening tools, gloves, hose, and sprinkle. To make heavy gardening tasks faster, you need equipment like a wheelbarrow and lawnmower—and spray nozzle for hassle-free watering of your expansive garden.

Gilmour spray nozzle; Truper gardening tools, grasscutter, wheelbarrow, gloves, hose, sprinkler and lawnmower

As women, we run our homes and we know what works and what looks good.

Women can surely nail doing any home renovation and DIY projects with Wilcon Depot. Visit any of its 65 stores nationwide and explore its limitless product selections, ranging from Tiles, Sanitarywares, Plumbing, Furniture, Home Interior, Building Materials, Hardware, Electrical, Appliances, and other DIY items.

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