Storage solutions for hard-to-store items

The Christmas decorations are out, as well as the thick comforters and bulky sweaters. If your storage spaces are not big enough to hold space-takers like a Christmas tree, off-season clothing, bulky linen and such stuff, then you need to find a clever way to store items that you won’t be needing on a regular basis. 

Make use of the space under the bed. Buy plastic bins that would fit underneath and keep your sweaters and clothes that you won’t be needing for this season. 

Cascading hangers are a great invention. You can maximize your closet space with the use of these hangers. Hang everything from scarves and tops to shawls and blouses.

Try vacuum storage bags. This is great for bulky items like extra pillows, comforters, and so on. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the air so the bags won’t take up so much cabinet space.

Buy a practical shoe organizer. Storing shoes properly can be a problem so it’s wise to think of a way to store them in such a way that they are kept clean and protected. Some storage experts recommend the over-the-door shoe organizer, but there are other options you can find in online stores — choose the one that suits your available space.

Hang your bike on the wall. You can save space when you do this: simply install a strong hook and hang the bike by its front tire. Or, you can buy any of the available bike shelves or bike hangers and install it on the wall where you want to display/store your bike. Bulky exercise equipment may also be stored in the same way.

Install overhead shelves above cabinets or closets. This is where you can keep items that you might need only rarely, like old pictures, holiday decor, keepsakes and memorabilia, and so on. Check to see if there are things you can donate, give away or throw out, before deciding to keep those that you absolutely want to hold on to.