2021 trending tiles for your home spaces

Tiles are the perfect accent in any room; they can beautifully transform an ordinary room into stunning and elegant-looking spaces.

There’s a lot to choose from—eye-catching patterns, vast materials, limitless shapes, exciting styles and designs, bold and subtle hues, aesthetic looks, and many choices that will surely capture your heart.

Whether on the floor or walls, you must be wise in choosing the perfect tile for your home.

If you’re planning to start a home-building or renovation project this year, here are the hottest tile trends for your home spaces from Wilcon Depot.

It’s time to upgrade your home with these top tile trends to keep your bathroom, bedroom, and flooring looking great, unique, durable, and stylish.


Picking out the bathroom tiles for your home is not easy. There is so much to consider, and the choices are overwhelming. Aside from the functional features of the tiles, such as porousness, durability, and maintenance, its aesthetic features should be considered as tiles can give your bathroom a distinct character and style.

Patterned and decorative tiles have been a popular choice if you want to create a statement look with its bold prints and colors.

Etile Manila Decor and Myr Frame Burdeos Relieve

An advantage of Moroccan tiles is that they can really make a splash and bring your bathroom to life. Making big use of fantastic patterns and diverse colors is the ultimate choice when you want to achieve a contemporary design for your home.

To make it one step bolder, Art Deco tiles carry artful accents with various patterns, textures, shapes, wherein it can uniquely create a visually stunning style in your space.


Add a little luxury and elegance into your bedroom with these trendy and stylish tiles. Tiles are the ideal material when you want to transform and inject charm into your bedroom. Interestingly, nature-inspired tiles are now a huge trend if you want to achieve a striking wall feature in your bedroom. With the idea of bringing the outdoors in, greenery tiles come into play with its realistic patchwork of patterns and hues perfect for creating a natural and refreshing look in your sleeping spaces.

Cifre Granite Antracite

If you love to bring off a moody, warm, yet chic interior style, dark-colored tiles are the fab choice for your space.Dark colored tiles can surprisingly give an attractive and dramatic effect to your bedroom and achieve a modern interior design.

Living room

As the heart of the whole house, your living room must have a homey feel since it is where your loved ones and guests spend most of their time. When you want to incorporate a colorful motif and artistry in your living room, Terrazzo tiles are ideal. It is known for its unique designs and colors that allow it to be extra stylish and versatile. It is made from chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, or shells. But if you want to make your rooms look more spacious, you may want to go with another excellent tile trend choice for your floors—large-format tiles. It is the perfect floor for modern minimalist interior design.


Castelvetro Absolute Beige

To transform your exterior spaces, choose the tiles that are suitable for outdoor uses, those that can be laid on your garden or balcony. Making its comeback, Terracotta tiles make it to the list of top tile trends this year as it allows you to achieve a refined and rustic style to your exterior. Boasting perfect balance between earthy texture and warm tone features, Terracotta tiles are an ideal choice to achieve Mexican, Mediterranean, or Southwest decors.

Connected flooring

When it comes to tile flooring, look for a material that is resistant to moisture, heat, water, stain, and scratch, and has a versatile design and style that can suit any floor space in your home. These indoor and outdoor tiles can ensure a visual flow throughout your floor space. Connecting tiles are your ultimate choice for areas around the garden, fireplaces, outdoor kitchen, and pool area.

Basel Brick Natural

When you want an upscale deisgn for every space in your home, you can consider choosing these rounded-up tile trends from Wilcon Depot.

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