Want to build the ultimate Man Cave? Read this

Over the past year, our lives have largely revolved indoors as staying at home became the norm. A year into the quarantines, it’s still risky to go outdoors so even if boredom creeps in, we must stay at home for a bit longer. Wherever you are right now, one thing is true: spending our days at home 24/7 becomes easier only when there are things to do or if the atmosphere is conducive for rest and relaxation. 

In the meantime, why not take on an exciting home renovation project that perfectly sums the dreams of your male persona? How about building your very own Man Cave? But before getting down to the task, here are some things to consider as you decide to build your own ultimate Man Cave.

Plan your space

Walk through the space and visualize what you want your Man Cave to turn out. Assess the available space and the function it will serve. What items would you want in there? Are you planning to have furniture there? Is there enough wiring to plug the TV and electronics, not to mention your PC or gaming console? Check if you need an upgrade or addition. 

Pick a theme (or ditch it)

You can pick an object (pool table, jukebox, framed picture or sports memorabilia, or even a display rack for action figures, gunpla and toys) that reflects your interest and let that become the inspiration for the overall look and color of your Man Cave. Or completely ditch a theme in favor of a minimalist approach with durable wood and metal fixtures. Anything goes in your Man Cave.

Combine what you enjoy 

Think of all the activities you really enjoy doing, finding a careful balance that lets you do all. Have a mini bar, a cinema, or sound system in there and turn it into a room of many activities. Don’t forget to include a pantry with a microwave or a small fridge that will keep an evening’s worth of food warm and drinks cool.

Consider the budget

Having money to burn is fun when building a Man Cave but if funds are an issue, consider looking for bargains. Sure, the latest 80-inch Smart TV from a big-name brand is a stunner but a 55-inch model from last year’s catalog does the job just as well. Buying second-hand items in garage sales, surplus stores and classified ads or bartering with friends/colleagues is also a clever way of getting things for cheap.

Seek professional help

It would be nice if you know a thing or two about plumbing, carpentry, HVAC and electrical work but if you don’t, then you better leave it to the experts. YouTube can only teach you rudimentary knowledge so better let professionals take over for these important tasks if you want Man Cave to look perfect and function as intended.

Work in progress

Last, but not the least, don’t be pressured to buy or have everything you want all in one go. Save up for that large TV or upgrade your build your dream gaming rig via one purchase at a time. Remember that a Man Cave is supposed to be your relaxing sanctuary, not another source of frustration and anxiety. 

So what are you waiting for? Transform that empty basement or extra room into a Man Cave — your very own getaway space that’s perfect for spending countless hours of pure, unadulterated fun.