Air quality solutions for your home

Staying cool and comfortable during the hot season is a challenge. Opening doors and windows for ventilation is not enough, so it’s a must to find an excellent cooling product to satisfy your desired indoor comfort.

It’s summer soon and you may be planning to upgrade your existing cooling solution. To help you assess and make the right decision, here are the six most efficient air-cooling home products from Kaze.

Inverter split-type air conditioner

An air-conditioning unit is the ideal cooling solution for most homeowners. Inverter split-type AC has ultra-high efficiency DC inverter compressor that can regulate the temperature and the unit’s cooling capacity efficiently. Inverters are designed to save 30 to 50 percent of electricity consumed over a regular AC. Plus, this AC type can cool down a room at a consistent temperature for over 25 percent faster than a regular one. It can last longer and provide better performance. With inverters, you are investing in high-quality ACs with superior-quality filters that guarantee cleaner air by keeping your room free from air pollutants and small particles.

Window-type air conditioner

Everyone loves to have a comfortable and good night’s sleep. For small spaces, a window-type air-conditioning unit is a perfect cooling option. This type allows you to cool down your spaces without drastically slashing your pocket for energy bills. It is also very affordable, easy to install, and very cost-efficient.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can keep your cool and maintain a refreshing ambiance in your home with its sleek and wooden blades. It also has a built-in light that for an added. A ceiling fan works by pushing air downwards throughout the room to make it feel cooler. If you have an existing AC unit, installing a ceiling fan can help circulate air and maintain a more constant temperature.

Wall fan

Using a fan can also save you up to 40 percent on your electricity costs. Like ceiling fans, installing a wall fan doesn’t take up floor space, and it’s a great solution for cooling and ventilation. For small and closed areas, wall fans can help evaporate moisture easily.

Industrial and stand fan

Needless to say, industrial and stand fans are always the best-sellers in the market. These types of fans are very portable. They are mounted on a stand so you can move them easily to other areas of the house. These fans have expandable height, adjustable features, speed control, and different blades. An industrial or stand fan is also a great backup when your AC unit goes out.

Exhaust fan

Having a wall-mounted exhaust fan can definitely improve ventilation in your living space. Exhaust fans are ideally installed in the kitchen, bathroom, and other small enclosed areas like the laundry room and garage. It can rid the room of unwanted odors and remove excess moisture, heat, and dust to increase indoor air quality. It’s also easy to maintain.

With its numerous air-conditioning and air-cooling products, Kaze promises a clean and healthy living space for you. The brand is exclusively available at all Wilcon Depot stores nationwide.

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