A handy guide to essential oils, color meanings and crystals

Some homemakers use lighting, plants and home accessories to create a certain vibe in the home. There are those who incorporate other  tools like essential oils, crystals and colors to enhance the mood and create a positive atmosphere inside a room or the whole house. Of course, there are other ways to achieve this but for this article, Property Report PH will share some tips about the specific functions or meanings of certain colors, crystals and essential oils, as they are used inside the home. 

To use essential oils for aromatherapy in your home — for relaxation and as fragrance for the home — you only need to mix a few drops of your chosen oil with water inside the diffuser before plugging in the device. Use lavender if you want a calming effect, peppermint to relieve headaches and allergies, ginger for a healthier appetite, eucalyptus for added vigor, or lemon to help create a refreshing environment.

The colors that you use to paint the walls of your rooms can also contribute to the mood and atmosphere created in the area. For example, orange is great for the dining area if you want people to eat heartily. Green is easy on the eyes and can help create a calm atmosphere. Light yellow, like the sun, energizes and uplifts. It promotes a sense of joy and excitement. Blue is a peaceful color, but for some people, blue can be the color of sadness. Finally, lavender, as a color that belongs in the purple family, signifies luxury and royalty. It is said to be the color of creativity and spirituality.

As far as crystals are concerned, rose quartz is popularly used to strengthen the energy of love. Some people use citrine for wealth and grounding. For protection against negative energies, you can use amethyst. Clear quartz, on the other hand, is for clarity and cleansing. Finally, use carnelian to enhance creativity and imagination. Periodically cleanse your crystals with the use of incense sticks or a singing bowl.