These household items grabbed our attention & budget this past year

Staying at home for a long period means everything we do is limited within the four corners of the house. To cope with cabin fever, we turn to old passions like baking or gardening, focus on self-care and our well-being, and or just relax after cleaning all the nooks and rooms. 

These helpful household items make our “staycation” bearable:

Cleaning wipes

Keeping yourself clean and sanitized is now a priority. However, not everyone has the time to clean their homes from room to room. This is where cleaning wipes come in.

They’re very easy to use for your home, especially if you’re too busy. They come in tubs or plastic sleeves, unscented or scented.

Scented candles

Lighting a scented candle is an easy way to relax after a stressful day. A scented candle is infused with essential oils to help you unwind or calm down. They come in various scents like lavender, peppermint, vanilla, coffee, to name a few. 

Diffusers and essential oils

Diffusers and essential oils are “self-care essentials” which saw their sales soar during the quarantine, and it’s easy to understand why. Adding a few drops of oil to your diffuser is a quick way to make your bedroom feel like a personal spa. 

If you have a hard time sleeping at night, you can choose among the different calming scents such as white tea, lavender or citronella. 

Ergonomic office chairs

Majority of employees are currently working from home. As a result, many opted to buy a comfortable office chair that protects from body pain.

Investing in an ergonomic chair is a good way to support your back and maintain your posture. 

Air fryers

Thanks to celebrities such as Kathryn Bernardo and Mimiyuuuh, air fryers have gained more attention during quarantine. Many are eyeing to buy an air fryer since it’s convenient, easy to use and perfect when you’re too busy to cook.

Just like your frying pan or skillet, you can fry food such as fried chicken, breaded porkchop or french fries. It also functions as a convection oven so you can also cook steak or bake cakes. 

Baking tools

Quarantine saw the rise of yummy baked goods. When you scroll through social media, you’ll be greeted with photos of baked sushi, cookies, cakes, bread, and other goodies. 

As a result, many home bakers bought their own oven—which has a much bigger space than an air fryer. Making pastries or other baked goods is a good way to destress, save money or start your own business.

Robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner is your new best friend when you’re in general cleaning mode. Like a broom and dustpan, this handy tool sweeps off dust, dirt and hair strands without making an unnecessary mess on your floor. It’s great if you have too much cleaning to do or when you’re too lazy. 

Wireless bluetooth speakers

Staying at home gives you the freedom to blast your playlists the whole day—with permission from the people you’re living with, of course. This explains the rise of sales of bluetooth speakers in many online stores.

What makes bluetooth speakers all the rage is how it comes in many adorable shapes. You can choose from a speaker in the shape of a mini sphere or a recording player.

Let the music play and do the trick as you stay productive at home.