Top reasons to invest in BRIA Homes

Everyone knows by now that the lockdowns enforced early on in the pandemic nearly upended Philippine businesses and industries, with some sectors taking more serious hits than the others. However, official reports disclose that when quarantine restrictions eased up in key cities and provinces, the country’s real estate industry emerged as “one of the best performing asset classes.” 

Property research experts credit this to industry resilience that is helped in great measure by consumers’ basic need for shelter. With the six-million-unit shortfall in housing, there is a huge demand to be filled, a void that positively beckons to leading real estate companies like BRIA Homes.

The uptick in residential sales is reportedly caused by low interest rates and the current freeze on price hikes, factors that are conducive to investment. Indeed, the same experts believe the property sector has become a promising market for investors—buyers and sellers alike—with enough liquidity to cash in on this upbeat trend.

Other factors place BRIA Homes out front as a good place to invest. Having a responsive property management is one. When the Covid-19 outbreak was declared, BRIA quickly initiated hygiene and sanitation measures and other preventive moves against infection and transmission. 

BRIA was also among the first to adapt to the digital domain. All BRIA communities are internet connection ready to accommodate residents’ new normal work and learning modes. To further keep homeowners safe, BRIA has made available digital options—like e-wallets—for contactless and cashless transactions.

All BRIA properties are conveniently located near retail establishments, churches, hospitals and schools—and boasts proximity to major roads and highways. These are factors that give more value for investors’ money, as do BRIA’s excellent security and recreational facilities, and environment-friendly features like LED lighting and sprawling green spaces.

Apart from the viability of BRIA locations, BRIA Homes offer dwellings that are visually appealing, with sleek, modern facades that complement well-laid-out living spaces. Rising at over 50 prime locations across the country, BRIA Homes presents a vast array of choices to potential investors, including OFWs who seek sites in or close to their hometowns.

Having cited BRIA Homes’ features that ensure value appreciation down the road, property buyers and prospective investors are now given two choices for when they decide to invest: buy existing BRIA houses-and-lot units now, rent these out, and enjoy predictable cash flows or buy BRIA houses and lots now at pre-selling rates and sell these when values go up. In both options, investors are assured of minimal risks and excellent returns.

Interested buyers can immerse themselves through BRIA Homes’ 360 virtual tours on They may also visit the official BRIA Facebook page for additional information. To reserve a house online,