Don’t throw your used coffee grounds just yet

There’s no question—coffee is heaven-sent. It’s not just a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a reason to meet up; it has provided livelihood to thousands of coffee farmers and employees in the Philippines.

To make the most out of it, don’t throw out the coffee grounds after extracting its goodness. You’ll be surprised to know that it has several practical uses, especially at home.

Deodorize and refresh

Did your lunch leave a fishy or funny smell inside the microwave? Does your cabinet smell like mothballs?

Place your used coffee grounds on a tray or a paper and let it dry. While doing so, wipe clean the appliance to ensure that there are no longer ball bits or splatters of food.

After, transfer the coffee ground into a container before placing it in the microwave or cabinet. Leave the home appliance or furniture closed for a few hours up to a day.

This trick also works for refrigerators and other areas that need deodorizing and refreshing.

Create a fertilizer

For plantitos and plantitas who have splurged money on plants, you don’t have to spend another peso on fertilizer.

Instead of discarding your coffee grounds, spread them on your house pots and vegetable garden to get blossoming flowers and a bountiful harvest. 

It contains calcium, chromium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and nitrogen—minerals often absent in regular soil. These promote healthier plant growth.

Insect and pest repellant

Coffee is also a natural insect and pest repellant.

Instead of spending extra on harmful chemicals, save money by simply leaving coffee grounds in your outdoor sitting area or generously sprinkling them on the ground.

The used coffee grounds have caffeine and diterpenes, which can help repel various insects like mosquitos and fruit flies. 

Clean pots and pans

Scrapping off burnt food and burn marks on pans can be tiresome. Thanks to the coarse texture of coffee grounds, your sponge doesn’t have to do all the work. Your arms and hands can also take a break from laborious scrubbing.

To make things easier, soak pans in soap and water for a little while before scrubbing. Remember not to use this technique if your pans have a delicate coating.

Removes scent on your hands

Sometimes, garlic, onion, poultry and fish leave a funky smell, no matter how much we wash our hands or how fragrant the soap is.

To remove these unpleasant smells without stripping off the hands’ natural protective layer, thoroughly scrub used coffee grounds onto the hands and in between fingernails and let the coffee scent will absorb the unwanted smell.

Recreate the coffee house experience with a scented candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee shops?

If you want your home to smell like your favorite coffee shop, ask if they give away their used coffee grounds. Mix this (or any used coffee grounds) with melted candle wax, preferably scented ones that blend well with the coffee scent.

Light it up in the morning while toasting bread, baking pastries, and even when you’re still waiting for your coffee to brew. Get the full coffee house experience by spinning jazz and instrumental music on your speaker.   

Use as a dye for interior decor

While we’re on the subject of DIY, you may also use used coffee grounds to create your very own masterpiece.

Soak the coffee ground in water. Use the natural brown dye to bring new life to an old white cloth or plain white paper. The shade it creates gives off a vintage vibe.

What are you going to do with the extra energy from coffee? Perhaps, you could give these tricks a try!