Weekend Projects for Small Spaces

If all you have is a weekend and a tiny space, worry not! Here are a few DIY ideas that are simple and affordable (or free). You can design or style your tiny home, increase storage, and improve function.

Transform those blank walls. You can optimize wall space by installing interesting shelves and displaying your personal collections, antique shop finds, books, or artworks. You can also make use of attractive shelves to store toiletries, spices and pantry supplies, or kitchen tools. 

Make floors more interesting. The way to do this is by using colorful or quirky area rugs. You can also paint or dye canvas cloths to use as handmade floor cloths or accent pieces that can go underneath tables, plant stands, and the like.

Make closets work harder. Make use of racks, bins, baskets, drawer organizers, hanging organizers, etc. to expand storage capacity. You can place some of these bins under the bed to store stuff that you don’t often use

Mirrors can make magic. Purchase mirrors in different sizes and designs and hang them around the house to enhance lighting and make spaces look bigger. You can even hang them together as a form of wall accent.

Turn one big space in two. By using dividers, folding screens, book shelves, console tables, or even a sofa, you can separate spaces without having to build walls. Design each area distinctly to further define the separation.

Turn plants into artful accent pieces. Display your plants in interesting pots or bowls, consider purchasing a bonsai tree, suspend trailing vines in front of a pretty window, or cultivate an indoor herb garden on a windowsill or countertop.

Invest in fashionable light fixtures. Replace boring bulbs with pendant lights or chandeliers. Make use of vintage lamps, floor lamps, or desk lamps to make a room more interesting. Keep the old light fixtures you removed so you can put them back when you move out.