Keep your home smelling fresh with these simple tips

The scent of a home can tell so much about the people living in it. It also shows the thought and care that’s put into it. And just like us, every home has its specific scent that suits every preference. 

Since the majority of the year was spent indoors, we’ve grown used to every scent around the house: the smell of freshly baked pastries, a meal made with love, a diffuser, disinfecting spray and even garbage. But contrary to what others believe, your house is not freshly scented, even if it smells like a perfume shop.

Achieving a home with a “clean scent” doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are simple and easy ways to keep your home smelling fresh, always. 

Set a schedule for general cleaning

An untidy space is one of the causes of unpleasant odor. Pet manure or urine, dirty laundry, dust and leftover food can be breeding grounds of bacteria in your home and cause a bad smell.

Since working at home makes you busier, set a schedule for general cleaning. Tasks such as wiping the countertops, collecting the garbage, dusting off enclosed spaces and clearing up the mess will help improve your house’s scent.

You can also make a homemade cleaning spray made from white vinegar, herbs and fruit peels. These ingredients are easy to find!

Clean your garbage disposal

Notice a stinky odor in your kitchen when you’re doing the dishes or a weird smell when you’re washing your face in the bathroom? It comes from your garbage disposal.

Fixing your garbage disposal could be (admittedly) stomach-churning, but it’s easy. Clear out what blocks the passageway, such as food waste or bits stuck on the sink. 

After clearing it out, try freezing herbs, lemon or orange peel in an ice cube tray then run it through your garbage disposal. It helps your kitchen or bathroom smell fresh without the strong order.

Allow fresh air inside

Having your windows closed the whole day can make your home smell kulob. Even if your trusty aircon is keeping you company, the unpleasant smell can spread around your space.

Allow your aircon to rest and open your windows during day time. This allows natural air to flow inside your home while minimizing the kulob smell. It also helps you save electricity.

Having indoor plants can also clean the air while making your space look prettier. You can also create a DIY air freshening spray with water, alcohol and a few drops of essential oil.

Refresh your rugs, bedsheets, table cloths, carpets, etc.

Your plush carpet, table cloth, bedsheet and rug can soak up bad smells. They can absorb sweat, food or drink spills, or pet waste, producing a stinky odor that lingers around your home. 

To avoid this, replace your carpet, rug, table cloth and bedsheet after two weeks of use. If the smell persists, make sure to sprinkle baking soda or dry shampoo on problem areas to take care of stinky odors. 

Heat up herbs, fruits or vanilla extract in a saucepan

A natural way to make your house smell fresh is to simmer herbs (such as mint, lavender, eucalyptus), fruit (slices or peels) or vanilla extract in a saucepan. 

The scent of natural ingredients along with boiling water allows a sweet scent to spread around your home — without spending a lot of money. You can also customize the ingredients that suit your ideal scent. 

Switch on your diffuser and add essential oils

A diffuser is more than just a pretty essential for your personal space. It spreads a fresh scent in your home without being too overwhelming. 

What’s good about having a diffuser is that it also helps you fall asleep peacefully at night, especially if you choose an essential oil with calming benefits. Personally, the author’s favorite scent is white tea as it can make the house smell like a spa and it’s not irritating to the nose.

If you prefer organic fragrances, switch to essential oils made out of all-natural ingredients. Just make sure they are safe for your kids or furry friends.

Making your home fresh-smelling is important in keeping it clean and orderly. It also helps nurture your senses and mental health — allowing you to do your everyday tasks with ease.