‘Safe at Home for Christmas’ in Tagaytay Highlands

No matter what one’s status in life is, whether rich or poor, no one is exempted from the pandemic threat. Even among the affluent, the year has prompted many of them to scrap plans for grand holiday celebrations.

Instead, it made families realize the value of just being together in their own private homes.

For members of the close-knit Tagaytay Highlands community, the quarantine has only made the Christmas season more tranquil and reflective. It’s a chance to spend a little more time in the mountain resort where it feels Christmas all throughout the year, with the scent of pine trees wafting in the crisp, cool breeze.

Families opt to partake of breakfast on chilly December mornings, with the picturesque vista of the serene Taal Lake and lush mountains. In the background, the premier residential and recreational complex keeps the property cozy, comfortable and stress-free as it promotes its “Safe at Home for Christmas” effort.

Tagaytay Highlands residents and members officially welcomed last Dec. 5,  the Christmas season with the traditional Christmas tree-lighting at the Holy Family Chapel garden area. The chapel also holds the Simbang Gabi every 5 p.m.

As part of the property’s New Year’s Eve celebration, specialty restaurants will be open on Dec. 31 until 8 p.m. for residents, members and their guests who want to savor great food.

Highlands China Palace serves up dishes, Highlander Steakhouse always has mouthwatering steak cuts, and Gourmet Avenue offers a variety of delicious cuisines.

After its last Eucharistic celebration at the chapel, families can watch the grand fireworks display at the Highlands China Palace lower parking level at 9:30 p.m.

The complex offers endless adventures for the whole family, specially the kids who are now enjoying their Christmas break.

The youngsters can spend the day at the children’s recreation and learning center, the Animal Farm petting zoo, or any of the indoor and outdoor playgrounds that are kept safe and disinfected by the property’s personnel.

With a tranquil Christmas in mind, members of the close-knit Tagaytay Highlands community can head for the mountain resort complex where everything is Christmas-sy, the wonderful scent of pine trees wafts in the air, and a nippy breeze constantly blows throughout the estate.

The young adults, meanwhile, can practice their skills at sports facilities and recreational amenities at the Sports Center, which has an indoor basketball court, fully equipped gym, billiards hall, table tennis courts, and an indoor lap pool.

Members can also enjoy the weather while playing at Tagaytay Highlands International Golf Club or Midlands Golf Club, two world-class 18-hole championship golf courses set atop Tagaytay’s highest elevations.