My Enso: A condo with extra space

Condo spaces can be cozy, comfortable, safe, and spacious enough to live a good life in, even in the midst of a pandemic.

There’s a lot to think about before buying a condo unit, but let’s keep things simple and zoom in on the two most important factors to consider when buying your forever unit: the size of the space, and what that space costs.


For residents desiring to get more out of their units, My Ensō Lofts (My Ensō), by PH1 World Developers (PH1 World), an affiliate of MySpace Properties Inc., offers extra space at no extra cost. In real estate, every square meter counts – so whether you’re looking to make more space for the things you love doing or if you have a family to share that space with, the opportunities to maximize that space are endless.

My Ensō utilizes their AddLoft Technology to provide an extra loft space on top of your floor space. This fully-customizable, space-adding feature can help create a sense of having a distinct area  within the unit.

“With PH1’s AddLoft Technology, having dedicated spaces for work and play will never be an issue, especially with today’s new working and living requirements,” said Gigi Alcantara, PH1World’s vice president for sales and marketing.

Thus, imagine having extra space for all the things you love to do, be it a separate work-from-home area, art space, entertainment nook or a play space for kids. It could be customized according to your own liking.


“We really are pushing for extra,” emphasized Albert Ong, PH1 World AVP for Business Development.

Would this mean extra cost, too? Having enough customizable space in your dream condo is the ultimate #condogoal, and having extra space already sounds too good to be true. It is  known that adding in more square-meters of space usually entails additional costs. But for My Ensō, extra space doesn’t mean paying extra.

“We aim to deliver a condo that utilizes innovative engineering to provide homeowners with extra living space at no extra cost, right in the heart of Quezon City,” added Ong, citing that My Ensō Lofts are backed by quality engineering in partnership with Megawide so residents are certainly getting the most bang for their buck in terms of quality.

The new development will also give residents exclusive access to leisure and business amenities including a co-working space, an underground parking, and commercial and retail establishments. With regards to safety, the building is also equipped with 24-hour security and keyless entry locks.