The perks of having a self-care room

The self-care room, or healing room, does not have to be a room — it can be a space or corner in any room of the house or part of the amenities or features of a residential development. A spare room can be converted into one, or a special corner of a multi-purpose room can be set up to build this healing corner.

The main goal of creating a self-care room is to carve out a space for self-nurturing and enjoying some quiet time. It is a place to relax, rest, be at peace.

Atty. Cris Garcimo, Legal Counsel and Licensed Real Estate Broker (HiveScout Realty), believes that the self-care room is not a passing trend. He says that because of the current challenges, people have more awareness about holistic living, healing, and the creation of self-care spaces. 

“It’s not a new idea, but it has gained renewed attention recently, alongside the rising awareness about mindfulness, burnout prevention, wellness,” he adds. “The real estate industry and the investors know that a dwelling place is not just a property investment but also an investment in health and well-being.” And for many buyers or clients, a space for relaxing the mind and energizing the body has become one of the primary considerations when looking for residential or investment options.

Today, more developers are offering amenities for a well-balanced lifestyle. According to Atty. Cris, CityState Properties and Management Corporation, the developer of Sandari Batulao Wellness Residences, focuses on wellness residences. Residents get unobstructed mountain views and green spaces to help them relax and unwind.

SMDC also launched Gem Residences in Pasig City, where the amenities were designed to include spaces that would allow residents to work at home and to rest and relax afterwards. In Maka Forest Villa in Alfonso, Cavite, there are serene and green places for “grounding or earthing” where one can walk barefoot, or dance, play, meditate, or simply commune with nature.

As a creative person (he is a musician for Gentle Universe, bamboo flute player, and craft maker), Cris believes that having a space to create and meditate helps us become more balanced individuals, contributing to our overall wellbeing.

For those who would like to convert a room or space into a self-care/healing area, Cris offers the following guidelines: 

  • Pick a quiet space where you can rest, pray, play an instrument, listen to music, meditate, chant, read, etc. It can even be in a terrace, garden, or balcony.
  • Ideally, the space must be big enough for you to do some stretches and exercises like qigong or yoga.
  • Put some plants in the space, or open the windows to get a nice view of greenery.
  • Hang artworks and decorate with crafts that mean something to you. These can be religious objects or those that remind you of your culture or indigenous roots.
  • Have fun and be creative when building your self-care and healing space.
  • If you are expanding or renovating your residential unit, check existing restrictions, if any. You can also consult an architect and interior designer to get professional advice.