Foressa Mountain Town: Where life is better

No other year in recent history has forced Filipinos to stay at home or find themselves a second home to quarantine as much as 2020.

It’s not exactly as if we had a choice. The situation,  lockdowns, and fear of getting infected by COVID-19 gave us no choice but to simply stay at home.

Against this backdrop, AboitizLand launched the #BetterAtHome campaign to support the call to shelter in place. At the same time, it emphasized the heightened need for a good home in the midst of the pandemic. Or in the case of future pandemics.

But it’s not just a campaign. AboitizLand is walking the talk, especially with its Foressa Mountain Town, a sanctuary in the mountains.

The development is compact, with efficient and equitable use of land area, including safe public spaces.

Foressa, launched in 2017, is located in the idyllic and breathtaking mountain town of Cansomoroy, Balamban in Cebu.

An hour from the city along the Transcentral Highway, it is the perfect setting for those looking for a respite from the busy and crowded city life.

This offering is a perfect abode for Filipinos, given the COVID-19 situation. It’s also a sanctuary in the future in case of another pandemic.


The development is compact, with efficient and equitable use of land area; complete with housing, retail, schools and more; connected with walkable and bikeable trails; complex with its community diversity; convivial with public spaces that are safe; conserving with communities that are resource-efficient and cost-effective because it creates and maintains value.

Set in nature, Foressa is master-planned, with half of the development devoted to open and shared spaces.

With an average lot cut of 442 square meters, future residents will enjoy luxurious privacy set against the backdrop of picturesque mountains.

One does not only have a home in Foressa but a community where one can thrive safely with fresh mountain air, abundant greens and open spaces.

Indeed, Foressa offers backyard access to bike and hike trails that feature over 800 flora and fauna species and 600,000 square meters of protected riverside areas.

It’s easy to enjoy the outdoors here and all the benefits it has to offer, free from the worries of social distancing and the other rigid norms of the pandemic life in the city.


Foressa will have its own commercial area, The Foressa Town Center. With its water tower visible from the Transcentral Highway, it’s an icon that will welcome vecinos and visitors alike.

This neighborhood center will house commercial establishments that will serve both Foressa’s future community as well as the public.


As our lives change and continue to change during the pandemic, it’s difficult to see a potential silver lining from the devastating pandemic that’s been wreaking havoc with the people’s health and with our economy.

But AboitizLand believes history shows that there’s no doubt that mankind will emerge victorious once again over the crisis.

To realize that while life may not be the same as it was, in many ways, life, despite the current circumstances, is better too, the developer said.

AboitizLand collaborated with US-based firm Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, thought leaders of new urbanism, for the project. SC&A Architects is the master planner and Greenstrat was tapped for the trails system.

Indeed, there is a life waiting for you, a life of peace and tranquility in the mountains of Cebu, to disconnect from the city.

The community is the perfect setting for your many passions, a place to recharge, renew, and refresh the spirit of discovery.


With all these offerings, who wouldn’t want to have Foressa for a great sprawling backyard?

Banner caption: Foressa lies in the idyllic and breathtaking mountain town of Cansomoroy, Balamban in Cebu.