SMDC Mint Residences: Where urban lifestyle meets green living

City living offers a few things one can’t find elsewhere. 

It gives off an exuberance that matches the brimming optimism of modern-day professionals. Be it as small as satisfying a craving for decadent chocolate cake at midnight or as big as landing your life-long dream job at noon, the city brings you closer to anything you want, any time of the day.

When one dreams of this and paints the picture of the ideal city, Makati always comes to mind. It is the Philippines’ financial center and home of Ayala Avenue, the country’s very own Wall Street. 

Not only is it a nest of thriving businesses, it is also a melting pot of like-minded individuals from across the globe. It has over 83,000 business establishments and the highest concentration of local and multinational corporate headquarters as well as the head offices for top Philippine banks. It is also home to around 46 embassies and 36 consulates.

 Makati is also where lifestyle hubs thrive. Big brands, local boutiques, fine dining restaurants, hole-in-the-wall diners, and small food carts all pride themselves on serving and satisfying the taste of the pickiest urban dwellers.

 As the perks of living in Makati outdo the cons a hundredfold, there are only a few green spaces and developable land in Makati. It also comes as no surprise that property prices in the area have soared 132 percent from 2010 to 2018. 

In the nick of time, SM Development Corp. (SMDC) elevates the Makati skyline with an integrated and sustainable community, the core of SMDC’s business ethos. It transforms Makati, a concrete jungle, with an eco-friendly condominium that fulfills the modern-day yearning for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


SMDC ups the ante along Chino Roces Avenue with Mint Residences, poised to be an eco-friendly habitat. 

The combined expertise of architectural firm ASYA Design, interior design firm MConcept  and landscape architecture company Belt-Collins ensures that Mint Residences becomes a slice of tranquility and respite amid the urban jungle.

True to its name, it draws inspiration from mint and Japanese modern minimalist yet timeless design. 

The façade mimics a mint leaf, with its stalk sprouting from the two central columns at the ground floor, and rises to the pinnacle of the tower with its veins branching out symmetrically on either side. 

At the drop-off point, a water feature and art installation easily grab one’s attention. 

With a seamless blend of earth tones and accents in mint color, a refreshing welcome teases guests as to what awaits inside.

The interiors provide an interesting interplay of light and dark stones, textured and polished sculptures, light and dark wood and metals and accents of the color mint.

For the landscape, Belt-Collins maximizes linear patterns for continuity, unity, and functionality. The open area features lush green landscapes, sparkling blue lapping pool, gushing waters from the floating deck and water wall, light wood finishes, and river stones pathways.

 “’Mint Residences’ unique characteristic is its best use of spaces, its provision of dedicated spaces for leisure, relaxation, kids’ playground, and ample spaces for family get together. It has these spaces arranged in a nice sequence using its concept of continuous lines to connect those areas,” Belt-Collins’ landscape designer Carol Jingco shares her design inspiration for Mint Residences.

“Where we live, and the air we breathe matter significantly. Our overall health is much affected by our surroundings. That is why investing in properties that provide a holistic approach in the residential environment is one of the keys to achieving a healthy lifestyle,” she adds.

Mint Residences offers a mix of studio and one- and two-bedroom units with balconies, further connecting the green outdoors with the rest of the living space. The first few floors of the 34-story development are parking spaces and commercial strips attuned to urban dwellers’ needs.


This dash of green in Makati is a breath of fresh air, a perfect lounging area after a whole day of grinding inside the office and the bustling city. The convergence of all the amenities motivates residents to give more attention to living meaningful and healthy lifestyles.

Following its eco-friendly mission, SMDC has allotted 64 percent of green space in the open area at the amenity deck on the fifth floor and designed units to maximize inflow of natural light and ventilation, and used LED lights in key areas of the property.

With its low carbon footprint, Mint Residences helps minimize the Urban Heat Island phenomenon, where the temperature in urbanized zones rises.


Mint Residences offers round-the-clock access to a host of lifestyle activities and career opportunities. Located in Chino Roces Avenue, it is the gateway to the City of Makati. It stands near major thoroughfares such as EDSA, SLEX, Osmeña highway, Skyway and NAIA.

With the 10-year Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Plan of Makati, property prices in the area are expected to continuously increase in value. Add to that several infrastructure projects such as the North-South Railway Project (NSRP), Skyway Stage 3, and Makati City Subway Project.

“Infrastructure projects under the government’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ program should have a positive impact on the property sector,” property consultant Colliers recently said. “In our view, infrastructure projects have the potential to raise property prices, unlock land values and create business opportunities.”

Modern-day urban dwellers and property hunters are well aware of what they deserve: a sustainable development built from the ground up with carefully-considered designs that will soon unlock life opportunities. With Mint Residences, they will find the perfect home in the city.

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