The promise of premier service

A pleasant real-estate purchase transaction sounds like a dream to many who have experienced the laborious procedure of buying a home. The moment one decides to make a real estate investment, the puzzle begins. 

How does one choose where to make this lifetime investment? What kind of home is best suited for their needs? How does one make sure that the developer will deliver what was agreed on? What kind of community will we the development be after years of living in it? Will my housing loan be approved? These are just the beginning of hundreds of questions and decisions that one must analyze and determine. 

After one makes the decisions, the waiting game is another suspense: will my loan be approved? Will my unit be delivered as promised? What if my neighbors are rowdy? 

Ovialand, Inc. understands the gravity and impact of investing in real estate. More than 95 percent of our home-buyers will make this investment once in their whole lives. For most of them, this investment will serve as their shelter and home, the setting of many of their milestones. That is why we make it our mission to provide premier service from the beginning of each transaction, starting with transparency. 

We make sure that all details of each home that is being sold are clearly and thoroughly explained, as we make the conscious effort to lay down all the pertinent information you may need.

Upon reservation of your account, you are assigned a personal account officer that will be your link to all things related to your investment. Aside from ensuring the accuracy of the details of your investment, the account officer will closely monitor your housing loan application to ensure your seamless approval. 

Your account officer will be available to answer all questions related to your home: whether it be house construction, payment details, changes in your loan application, all the way to your home unit turn-over. 

Your personal account officer will be with your throughout every step of the way, making sure that your premier family living experience is more than just a promise, but a reality you will enjoy. 

Let’s talk about inexpensive premier real-estate! Email me at [email protected]. —The Prime Spot by Pammy O. Vital