Quick guide (and wish list) in buying a condo within a CBD

Even during a pandemic, the luxury market never loses its glimmer. The rich may temporarily head to their Batangas seaside villas or exclusive gated homes in the metro, but they will soon go back to their upscale condominium nestled conveniently in the middle of a central business district (CBD). Or maybe they already have, especially if it’s a sanctuary that speaks refinement in every context of the word — elegant, pristine and spotless.

If you’re back, looking for the best condo in the urban core and trying to feel the pulse of the market, here are some tips on homebuying amid the crisis.

Future-proofed condo

To make sure you’re getting a neat deal, check if the property has the following implementing features that can help secure you against a health threat outside: proper cleaning and sanitation procedures, emergency preparedness programs, health service resources, air and water quality management, and health and wellness promotion.

A fire sprinkler system and fire extinguishers may not be adequate. A building should have its own fire command center that detects and displays the status of the alarm, complete with a communications and control system.

Because of the new normal, real estate developers also align their offerings to the customers’ new living spaces standards. They are making buildings more sustainable and regenerative by adding environmentally conscious amenities. These include electronic bike racks near the lobby, green roofs, and an overall carbon-neutral future concept.

Condo living has been synonymous with cramped spaces with hardly any sunlight coming in, but certainly, not all of them fall under this category. Choose one with optimal fresh air and well-thought-out ventilation system, and specialized illumination systems that also maximize natural lighting through huge windows or glass walls.

Fresh wholesome foods should be accessible. For holistic nourishment, it helps to have Zen-inspired lounge and play areas with lots of water features and landscaped greenery.

Property developers are making buildings more sustainable and regenerative by adding environmentally conscious amenities.

Lamudi recently reported that residential property seekers continue to value amenities that bring comfort and active leisure. The report covers the period from January 2019 to June 2020. Regardless of the lockdowns, residents find it important to have swimming pools, clean gyms, and fitness centers.

In terms of comfort, they want a location that’s close to essential establishments and emerging infrastructure developments, such as the planned subways in the nation’s capital.

Home hunters now require heavy-duty air conditioning and stable internet connectivity, making it conducive to learning and working at home. Therefore, one should also consider condos that provide full back-up power.

Architect Angelo Manosa forecasts that foyers and mudrooms will become part of the new norms, saying, “We never really needed mudrooms in the tropics as we don›t have the problem of snow and wet clothing getting into our house. But I do foresee that such a room can be used as a disinfection or sanitation room prior to anybody entering the house.”

A gardening nook has become a necessity and is a welcome respite to condo dwellers. For plants to thrive well, choose a balcony that gets a happy dose of sunshine, especially in the morning.

David Leechiu, in a recent livestream event with Property Report, confirmed that the luxury market is a stable and resilient sector. More than exclusivity, residents’ health, safety and unmatched convenience are a top-selling point of high-end condo units — no wonder luxury remains a bright spot amid a bleak landscape.