Emergency preparedness at home

The Philippines’ geographic position makes it prone to natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and landslides.

These natural hazards can unexpectedly happen any time. That’s why it’s important to have an emergency plan and supplies ready should these disasters strike.

It’s never too early to talk with your family about your emergency plans. Your preparedness can go a long way, and no one would want to find themselves off-guard amid an uncertain situation.

So, it’s wise to keep your home ready and equipped. Now more than ever, it’s time to assemble your home emergency kit, and I’ve rounded up some basic must-have emergency items.

Emergency lights

Alphalux LED Emergency Lights

Disaster can affect electricity and cause power outages and blackouts. Ensuring that your home is equipped with a heavy-duty emergency light would be advantageous.

When power failure occurs, emergency lights automatically turn on and efficiently project bright lighting in your home. Mount it on your indoors or outdoors walls, by the stairs, hallway, and garage, wherever lighting is needed.

Alphalux emergency lights use LED lights. It can last long with more than a thousand hours of life span.

Rechargeable lantern

Alphalux Rechargeable Lantern

Rechargeable lanterns can function as an additional light source.

Unlike emergency lights that are mounted on a specific area, a rechargeable lantern is portable and lightweight. You can move anywhere. With Alphalux rechargeable lanterns, you will never have trouble lighting up your surroundings.

Rechargeable fan

Alphalux Rechargeable Fan

It is quite uncomfortable moving around your home without electricity. Especially when sleeping, if you want to keep your cool and help you ease the heat, you need to have a handy and rechargeable fan.

You can consider getting an Alphalux rechargeable fan that also comes with two built-in features: light and radio.

Emergency generator

Having an emergency generator will serve as a back-up power source, provide electricity to your home and help keep your family safe.

Electron Inverter Generator

Generators will be your lifesavers that will keep your electronics at home working. Owning this machine is a good investment as it allows you to maintain high comfort and safety levels during emergencies.

Be ready for a power outage with the Electron Generator.

Emergency bag

Prepare a personalized emergency bag or kit that contains all your necessities, such as non-perishable food and water (good for at least three days), can opener, medical supplies, flashlight, extra batteries, whistle, personal sanitation products, and other specific needs of your family.

Get your homes ready in case of an emergency and acquire these few basic must-have emergency items from Wilcon Depot. When a natural disaster occurs, you’ll feel secure and confident, knowing that you have these emergency kits. Just ensure that these items are easily accessible and kept in a safe place.

Planning and preparing for an emergency can feel overwhelming. However, being one step ahead can save you from worrying later on.

Visit any Wilcon store nationwide and explore more products you want to include in your must-have emergency items.