There’s no place like Gold

Interior designer Michael Fiebrich on inspiring a holistic design experience

An overall sensory experience. That, for Michael Fiebrich, is what defines design, not just mere aesthetics.

His passion for innovation and desire to create moving experiences has won him numerous awards, generated a lot of buzz and publicity for his works, and turned him into one of the world’s most sought-after interior design and architecture consultants. His company, Michael Fiebrich Design (MFD), always serves flair no matter its design objective. His process is fluid and always delivers delight in all aspects.

A Sense of Wonder: The MFD Process

Known for its timeless, elegant, and functional aesthetics, MFD has been delivering a delightful experience with its design footprint, with each work always better than the last.

Michael Fiebrich

One of MFD’s best-known projects is the Crown Towers in Perth, Australia, which brings expressive interior architecture through luxurious, sleek, contemporary, and sophisticated spaces. The firm brought to life Australia’s most luxurious suite, the Deluxe Villa, which added dramatic features and high-end finishes to make bold graphic statements on an otherwise simple layout.

Another work of art, a seamless fusion of good spatial design amidst the environs, is The Club at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. The beautiful space features walls in polished satin and matte bronze rods that serve as mini private screens and visual backdrops that mimic Singapore’s cityscape. Custom accessories like pendants reminiscent of metallic clouds highlight its ceilings, and beautiful carpets in modern patterns give a sense of the outdoors, complementing the panoramic view of the skyline.

MFD has been winning awards since 2014 for its designs of hotel restaurants, hotel suites, and lobby lounges. In 2019, the firm won an award for its design of the Presidential Suite at the Conrad Manila Hotel in Pasay City.

Reception lobby

Setting the Gold standard in design

Located at the bustling Ninoy Aquino Avenue is the first township of SM Development Corp. (SMDC) called Gold City, a benchmark in premier township development. Featuring various residential and commercial developments in a sprawling master-planned community, Gold City will be setting the standard for an upscale live-work-play lifestyle. This vision will soon turn into reality.

Within this dynamic city will rise Gold Residences. SMDC tapped MFD because of its portfolio of exemplary designs in hotel and spa interiors in the Philippines and around the world.

MFD is an expert in creating a design narrative, which sticks from concept to design, construction, and installation, ensuring that the vision comes to fruition. “We always grow as designers, and we get to apply that passion and innovation from the last challenge to the latest,” Fiebrich says. “Gold Residences is our latest project. We are excited because this is the culmination of all our years of experience.”                                                 

Step Inside Gold Residences

MFD is setting the tone for the Gold Residences experience with the design of the common spaces. The firm had the challenging task of bringing this narrative into the design: imparting an imposing character and a touch of glamour while exuding a welcoming atmosphere.

Michael Fiebrich Design firm designs SMDC Gold Residences’ lobby.

The common spaces of Gold Residences combine timeless glamour with visual impact and art.

The lobby is a key interior feature. Layering the black and gold elements provides soothing comfort that speaks of luxury. A visual treat, it exudes impeccable taste and luxury. Crystal lights hanging from the ceiling command to be noticed as it serves as a complementing installation to the double-height custom art screens, which set the mood of space – warm yet commanding. Marbles, gilded stones, and other organic elements make the environment rich and substantial.

Sustainability is the core of the design guidelines. The design planning started in the middle of the pandemic, and while sustainability has always been a part of MFD’s design work, it has even become more important now.

“I would like to believe (that) adversity brings positive change. We have to keep finding ways to create a meaningful experience,” Fiebrich says. Anti-microbial features were incorporated into the building elements. Realizing how fragile the supply chain is, MFD sourced out design materials locally wherever possible.

Gold Residences will offer generous physical spaces that will create a sense of wellbeing, comfort, and safety. Strong design statements like art installations, features, and lighting welcome residents to their new home. MFD has a firm resolve to maintain an atmosphere of liveable luxury.  “Our residents should feel they have arrived somewhere important,” Fiebrich says.

And that place is their home.

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