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When given importance, walls add beauty, attraction to your interior, even elevate your home’s tone and mood.

Do you know that the walls are one of the most neglected spaces in your homes? Homeowners tend to neglect it until they realize that it’s breaking their homes’ entirety. Some people perceive walls as just a protective skin to conceal their homes’ structural frameworks, pipes and wires. But when you recognize that it could change your home’s overall look, you’ll indeed be taking decorative and long-lasting wall finishes.

When given importance, walls add beauty, attraction to your interior, even elevate your home’s tone and mood. There are various finishes you could use to achieve your desired results, which match your existing surroundings.

For the home’s structure, interiors and exterior, GT Stone Works recently introduced Fortress Deco Render System. It offers a complete lineup of materials that you will need to create architectural textures and finishes on your walls.

Cobalt blue color stain

Here’s what you need to know about Fortress Deco Render System:

Easy to apply

Deco Render is a polymer-modified mix formulated to recreate a smooth and dust-free finish for interior and exterior wall applications. This product is easy to use, mix, and apply.

You don’t need special equipment to achieve your desired wall finish. You only need a hand trowel to start creating a concrete wall with an industrial finish. Deco Render is developed to help homeowners and builders make the look and feel of casting concrete suitable for application to interior walls, columns and ceilings.

Venetian plaster texture

Trendy wall variations

With the Deco Render, you can accomplish different finishes such as Astroturf Finish, Artgrass Finish, Venetian Plaster, Smooth Finish, Roller Rag Finish, Wood Finish, and Trowel Finish. Textured finishes like floated, raked, screened, and weathered concrete can also be replicated to create more depth and character for your walls.

The Deco Render system also supplies the pre- and post-treatment materials such as primers, colorants, stains, and sealers to ensure that you’ll get the best results and ensure your walls will last long.

Golden saffron color stain

It offers various colorants: Slate Grey, Aspen Grey, Touch Stone, Moonlit White, Classic Grey, Hudson Grey, Fossil, Pelican, Royal Canvas, Graphite, and Chalkboard. Simultaneously, color stains are available in: Canary, Crimson Red, Cobalt Blue, Canterbury Wood, Pumpkin Spice, Timberidge, Safari Tan, Chestnut, and Golden Saffron, among others. These colorants and color stains will help you get variations of concrete-based colors to match the final color you have in mind. So, if you’re thinking that texturing your walls or adding colors to it is too difficult, GT Stone Works has instructional videos to help you accomplish different texture types and the techniques to achieve them.

For free consultations and installation instructions, visit GT Stone Works is also available in any Wilcon Depot store nationwide.

Astroturf finish