Taking care of your roof during rainy season

Proper roof maintenance is important when it comes to protecting your home and your family. The next time it rains, you get to enjoy the sound of the rain in peace.

The rains have come, and there will be more, said the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) early this month.

With the onset of La Niña, the rains are expected to last until the first quarter of 2021, the weather bureau added.

 La Niña is characterized by below-normal sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean near the equator, resulting in the shifting of wind patterns in the atmosphere.

 With so much rain already coming in, we need to take a look at the condition of our roofs.

 The roof is probably the most vital part of the home because it protects the actual structure and the homeowners. Thus, it is important to take care of it as rain can cause many problems such as leakage.

 Here are some ways to maintain your roof:


 Make sure to check your roof at least once every six months. Examine for signs of aging, damage, and sagging. Check if the waterproofing of the roof is still intact.

 Search for missing shingles, tiles or panels and replace these before the rainy season arrives. Inspect your roof area for rust, cracks, and holes.

Check your ceilings for leaks or signs of water damage if you find any issues with your roof.

 Warning signs for leaks are musty smell, water stains on ceilings and walls, bulging patches or ballooning interior walls.


 Since the roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions and easily collects water on the surface that result in leaks and other issues, use high-quality roof paint with sealants. Make sure to paint when the sun is out.


 Aside from stagnant or standing water, debris such as leaves, branches, fruits, dirt, and nests can damage the roof and cause blockages during wind or rain and, therefore, damage the gutter.

 Keeping the roof clean and clear from water and debris gives rainwater a path out of your roof after the storm.


Use waterproof paint and sealants to avoid water or moisture from damaging your home during the rainy season.

 If your house is surrounded by trees, consider having these trimmed. Aside from eliminating problems such as blockages and gutter issues, this will also eliminate the possibility of branches falling on your house during a storm.


 After you have assessed the damage to your roof and it seems too big to fix, hire a professional to repair or replace parts of it or the whole thing. You can also ask them how to maintain the integrity of your roof to prevent future damage.

 By regularly checking your roof, you can prevent expensive repairs in the future. Proper roof maintenance is important when it comes to protecting your home and your family. The next time it rains, you get to enjoy the sound of the rain in peace.


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