Is it time to leave and move to another house?

It could be that the neighbor’s nightly karaoke sessions are making you lose precious sleep and as a result, you can’t focus at work the next day. Or maybe it’s the landlord’s unreasonable rent increases and the leaking roof that he refuses to have fixed. Whatever it is, you could sometimes find yourself wondering if it’s time to move on.

Packing and moving are very stressful activities, not to mention expensive. But if there is a valid reason to start looking for a new home, it might make more sense and may even be healthier for you than putting up with stress on a daily basis. Here are some of the top reasons other renters decide to pack up and go.

The need for a more affordable place

With the pandemic-related loss of income, this may be a common situation that many of us are going through right now. Some landlords impose indiscriminate rent hikes or tenants may be going through financial difficulties–whatever the reason, the available options seem to be either to leave or take on a roommate to split the rent costs.

The need for a more expensive place

Of course, the opposite may also be true: you have more money to burn and want to move to a more luxurious home.

Living too far from the workplace/school and other important locations like schools, stores, etc.

You are most likely spending a good part of your wages on Grab or taxi fares and losing too much precious time stuck in traffic. If your situation is leaving you stressed or frustrated too often, it’s time to think hard and make a decision.

Noisy or nasty neighbors.

Aside from the regular karaoke singers, safety is also a consideration. If crime is up in your neighborhood and you don’t feel safe there anymore, then it may be wise to start looking. Issues with neighbors (and even with the landlords themselves!)  are also one of the reasons why people decide to just leave.

The space is not enough anymore.

Maybe you need more kitchen space for your food business or a wide garden for your growing plant collection, or perhaps there is a new person in your life that is now staying with you (new partner, a newborn, a relative from the province, etc.) — these are all valid reasons for considering a move to a bigger place.

Parking is a problem.

Troubles with parking have led to strained relations scuffles, huge expenses, major hassles, and even crime. If this is a regular problem at your place, maybe it’s time to look for a new home that comes with its own safe space for parking your vehicle/s.