Making your place conducive to home-based learning

Every student is transitioning to homeschooling or home-based learning as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19. Even if the advantage of modern technology is on our side, remote learning isn’t easy. Students need to adjust to their new routines, and parents have to provide their kids what they need to ensure that they are actively learning at home.

So, if you’re new to this setup and you want to help your kids thrive and succeed with the new school situation, here are some ideas to consider in having a productive learning space at home.

Find the right furniture

First, you need to find the right furniture for the learning space. Pick the right table with a big surface fit for your kids’ exact needs that can accommodate their laptop devices and modules. Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair is advantageous to help them keep their posture for longer studying sessions. Having cabinets can also help them organize their things such as pens, papers, notebooks, scissors, rulers, and other school materials. Adding wall shelvings or rack organizers can keep their usual learning materials, textbooks, and modules easily accessible.

Set up a learning space with good lighting and ventilation.

When you have limited space, you may consider space-saving products like a sturdy folding table and chair. Buying a folding divider could also limit visual distractions.

Personalize a learning space

After choosing the right furniture, you need to select the perfect spot at home where they can attend their online classes. They might have the right furniture and schooling essentials but it might not work for them if they are exposed to distractions. Designing a dedicated study area will enable your kids to do well with their studies. When your kids have a comfortable personal area, it has a significant effect on increasing their productivity. Involve your kids in the process of personalizing their study space so you would know how they want their station to look like. Hanging framed inspirational quotes, displaying family photos, or placing small plants can create a more inviting and motivating space. You just need to consider enough space at home with minimal distractions. It is best to improve their concentration if you would not choose an area near the television or their play place. You also need to check the area where the internet signal is strongest to secure good connectivity for their digital devices. The best learning space has good lighting and ventilation. You can customize areas at home that are seldom used, such as the dining area or bedroom. Every parent wants to create a comfortable learning space for their kids.

Organize STUDY routines

As parents, you need to prepare your kids to be physically and mentally ready to learn. Since kids tend to have short attention span and different learning processes, you need to train them by organizing study routines. You have to help them manage their time to do better academically and create their daily study timetable. One emerging problem when studying online is virtual fatigue. Too much screen time could be mentally draining. To avoid this problem, allow them to have short breaks in between online sessions. Give them time to stand up and move away from their devices to rest their eyes and brain.

To increase children’s productivity and improve their learning experience, spruce up an area at home where there is little to no distractions.

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