Quarantine trends for the home

Remember when people were really into making Dalgona coffee, baking their own bread, and conducting e-numan sessions via video conference apps? Since the beginning of the nationwide quarantine, we have seen many trends that have occupied the online hemisphere. 

From fun activities to food to home decor, the online trends have shifted and are now focusing on pretty things to make the home a more pleasant place to cocoon oneself in quarantine. These are the trends that have made its rounds on social media: 


For months, we have seen articles on how greenery has helped soothe the minds of those practicing home quarantine, including this one. Many Filipinos who didn’t have a green thumb have now become certified plantitos and plantitas.  

Here are some online stores where you can add more plant babies to your collection: 

Groovy Green Things (@groovygreenthings) sells “curated house plants” that are ‘ready to rock and roll.’ From its base in Quezon City, this shop promises to deliver your precious greens ‘to anywhere the road (or quarantine pass)’ brings them;

Plants Manila (@plantsmanila) promises to bring nature to every home, offering a variety of plants, pots and other services and products to their customers;


While some online plant stores already include pots to their plants, some people prefer to house their babies in other pots that suit their aesthetic. 

Pots for Plants (Pasô) (@potsforplants.ph) believes that beautiful plants deserve beautiful planters and offers premium products that fit most home décor, from large ceramic floor planters to porcelain post for succulents;

Photo from @potsforplants.ph

Bonita Philippines (@bonita_ph) makes handcrafted accessories, including cute and quirky pots for your plants and succulents;

Photo from @bonita_ph

Preserved plants and flowers

If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed, you’d probably notice that some of your favorite influencers have a bunch of wheat or dried flowers in the background of their selfies. Those are called preserved flowers. Preserved flowers are fresh cut flowers that undergo a unique preservation process that leaves flowers looking natural while maintaining their shape and brightness. Unlike cut flowers, preserved ones can last for months or even years. Here are a couple of stores where you can get your hands on some pretty bunch: 

Willflower (@heywillflower) prettifies your home with either a set or customized blossoms such as pampas, fan palm, misties, and statice. 

Photo from @heywillflower

Flower Blossom by Liz (@flowerblossombyliz) already has thousands of followers, and it’s no surprise why. Order a variety of preserved flowers and plants such as eucalyptus, lavender or roses per bundle or by custom arrangement. 

Photo from @flowerblossombyliz


With so many people taking up baking and cooking while isolating in their homes, it is only natural that they would want to have pretty plates as part of their food plating or presentation. There are plenty of designs available online, including blue and white porcelain plates from Japan. 

La Platitas (@laplatitas) are for the titos and titas at heart. The store sells beautiful and daintily designed plate sets, teacups, serving ware, and placemats. 

Photo from @laplatitas

7 Tablespoons Home and Living (@7tablespoons) specializes in curating branded functional home pieces for the modern space. Aside from dishware, they also sell baking utensils and tools.

Photo from @7tablespoons