CitiGlobal targets first-time property investors with serviced condo concept

CitiGlobal Realty & Development, Inc., the developer behind income-generating leisure and vacation properties around the Philippines, offers first-time property investors an alternative to traditional condominium investments. The proposition? Affordable condotels that owners can earn from, as well as enjoy, located in some of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the country, such as Tagaytay and Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

With the goal of making “leisure” accessible to a larger part of the population, particularly to the hardworking Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) market, CitiGlobal builds quality, income-generating real estate projects that can help secure a better future for Filipino families.

Currently in pre-selling are two leisure developments, Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites and Diamond Beach Residences in Palawan. Both condotel properties, these operate like a hotel and offer the same services and facilities that a hotel does. The difference is, you can own a unit and you can rent it out when you’re away.

Why a condotel?

Investing in a condotel property makes it easy for homeowners to have their units rented out without worrying about advertising, meeting clients, or closing deals. CitiGlobal’s property experts are on-hand to service rental needs. Likewise, being in prime vacation spots, the units sell themselves, particularly to tourists and expats.

Every CitiGlobal property is run by an experienced hotel operator. When you purchase a unit, you are the full owner of the property. It’s an investment that you can pass on to future generations. In the meantime, you can earn extra income from it by enrolling it under CitiGlobal’s Condotel Program.

While under the program, you can still enjoy your property and occupy the unit when taking a vacation for 30 days or longer. During your stay, you enjoy hotel privileges such as housekeeping, room service, maintenance, amenities, and shuttle service. The case of a change of heart, it’s easy to opt out of the program and just keep the unit for personal use.

Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites

A condotel that operates as a hotel, Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites, offers first-class hotel-like amenities, profitable income from daily rates, free stay for up to 30 days for unit owners, and the option to use the unit for residential purposes.

The project is located a few minutes away from commercial areas and high-foot traffic destinations such as Sky Ranch. It offers restaurants, shopping, and a view of Taal Lake. The community has 10 buildings with eight floors per building, parking area, 24-hour security, and 70 percent open space.

Diamond Beach Residences

Diamond Beach Residences is a world-class beachfront development offering the same condotel experience. Located in Brgy. San Rafael, it is 45 minutes from the Puerto Princesa City International Airport, four hours from El Nido and three hours from San Vicente. It fronts the North National Highway and has beach-front and mountainside views.

The property consists of eight buildings with seven floors per building, complete hotel amenities including an eco roofdeck on each building, beach views, beach clubhouse, gym, infinity pool, play pools, oasis, sky park, and marina dock.

With a renewed emphasis on quality of life and sound investments, Filipinos are invited to secure a better future for themselves by investing in properties that not just organically increase in value over time, but ones that work hard for the money you put in as the years go by. CitiGlobal’s condotel projects are designed to work for its homeowners, and serve as a second income stream that will last a lifetime.

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