Homes with views of West Philippine Sea

Real Estate as an investment has gone beyond value preservation and steady yields to now involve personal and familial longevity, safety, and security. As an investment, Freia stands out from the rest with premium seaside living and direct West Philippine Sea views.

The location includes benefits of healthy seaside living in a properly-maintained community; staying close to the city yet sheltered from the chaotic scenes of the metropolis; and an exclusive set of amenities reserved for unit owners means, which means you can control your exposure to external elements by staying safely within the confines of Freia’s gated enclave.

Pico de Loro Cove complex
Freia features 223 condo units that include spacious two-bedroom flats and three-bedroom penthouses.

Freia Building Property Management follows a similar format to the existing condominiums in Pico de Loro Cove, where healthy lifestyle and over-all experience are paramount. This sentiment is strongly echoed in the words of Mr. Abrantes, a Pico de Loro Cove resident who stayed in the property throughout the quarantine period, “We’re grateful for the help they extended to us during the two and a half months of ECQ and GCQ, especially the food supply and prescription refill runs.”

Another Pico resident, Ed Ong, said, “Your efforts brought smiles to all of us!”

Regain a sense of wellness following weeks of enforced confinement in Hamilo Coast.

During the lockdown, the Hamilo Coast Estate — in cooperation with the Pico de Loro Cove Condominiums and Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club as locators — ensured that the seaside sanctuary was professionally maintained, beginning from thorough security and health checks at the Hamilo Coast main gate, to the daily upkeep of the landscaped grounds and 1.5-kilometer white-sand beach, to the welcoming reception of the staff.

Pico resident Dinah said, “I was in Pico de Loro from March to June. I am happy about the way things were handled for the safety of everyone and at the same time still living healthy and having a normal life. We were very lucky to be quarantined in a very beautiful place with a staff that’s to cater to us and keep us safe.”

Pico de Loro Cove’s fresh sea breezes make it a vibrant change for those emerging from prolonged confinement.
Spending time at the beach is good for one’s health.

Given today’s varied investment environment, Freia at Pico de Loro Cove continues to prove that it is in a class of its own, implementing strategies that not only preserve asset value but, more importantly, promote an enhanced lifestyle and personal health benefits.

For more information, visit the official website or call 79458000.