Moving to your new home in Trava can be a delightful experience

There comes a point in life when one starts to realize the value of living life to the fullest. It may be because there is a family to raise, or that the dazzle of a frenetic city life is waning. When the thought of settling in a more serene community begins to start appealing, then it is time to consider moving to a place that can give you opportunities to enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle.

Trava’s spacious lots are envisioned to be gateless, its concept houses feature “green” roofs and utility wiring is fully underground to help ensure wellbeing of families.

Modern suburban townships like Trava in Greenfield City offer an ideal environment for family members to thrive physically, emotionally and mentally. The 33-hectare development is a breath of fresh air as it boasts of open parks, landscaped gardens and lush greeneries perfect for communing with nature. Instead of staying cooped up inside the house playing gadgets, children will enjoy taking strolls amid trees and plants.

Situated in Sta. Rosa, the new growth center, Trava is accessible to Alabang and Makati via major road networks namely South Luzon Expressway, Sta. Rosa Interchange and Eton-Greenfield exit. It’s still close enough to the metropolis to be able to enjoy urban conveniences without the claustrophobic and dizzying pace of city life.

Relocating to a new address may sound overwhelming at first as it involves major changes. Fortunately, there are a few tips on how to make the transition less daunting. Here are some stress-busting moving tips.

1. Make house hunting a family affair

When children are involved in the process of buying a new home, they may be less resistant to moving because expectations are already set beforehand. Even if you and your spouse are the ones who will ultimately make the final decision, consult the whole family for their individual preferences.

Acknowledge their feelings. It is normal for the family members to feel apprehension about the idea of changing homes. After all, they will be literally plucked out of their comfort zones. Explain why it is better to move and the benefits of the new home for the kids.

Point out the features that each member will enjoy such as the clubhouse pool, recreational hub, open parks and roads that are safe for running or riding bicycles. Others would love the privacy of a gated township or the opportunity to indulge in gardening at their own yard.

2. Plan ahead

Now that you’ve got your names on the title, the next task is planning for the move. Devote a journal to jot down important details such as expenses, supplies needed, items to keep and dispose and a timeline of activities to ensure that compliance to set targets are within schedule.

3. Visit the neighborhood before the big day

Drop by the neighborhood from time to time before moving and get to know your future community. Ask your developer if there are social events where you can join and get acquainted with future neighbors or where your children can meet other kids in the block. At Trava, there will be plenty of opportunities to socialize at the community club house, a green architecture masterpiece that houses a lap pool and kiddie pool.

Because it is located in a city within a park, it is dotted with pocket parks and surrounded by lush greeneries and open spaces where one can commune with nature and get the chance to bump into other residents.

One can also check out nearby places of interests such as churches, leisure establishments, dining destinations, hospitals and shopping centers to better appreciate your new town. Trava is less than 30 minutes away from premier schools and universities such as Brent, De La Salle University Laguna, St. Scholastica, Xavier snd Miriam College. The nearest hospital is The Medical City but Asian Hospital can be reached in about 30 minutes.

A self-sustaining city where lifestyle conveniences are within reach, Greenfield City is integrated with a commercial and leisure component so that residents from its communities like Trava need not go far for their basic needs and other shopping requirements. Its Paseo Outlets has an impressive list of tenants that include the Adidas outlet store, Nike Factory outlet store, West Elm, Pottery Barn, Speedo, and American Eagle Outfitters among others. Newly-opened shops and dining destinations include Under Armour, Converse stores, Mac Design Home, Samgyupsalamat and Matgalne. For banking needs, all leading banks have existing branches in Greenfield City to serve clients in the area.

4. Sticking to routines

People thrive on familiarity. It keeps them grounded despite the seemingly overwhelming changes that are going on. To help lessen the impact of the move, maintain the family’s customary habits and activities before moving and when settling in your new home.

5. Pack essentials separately and bring them with you

The last thing you need is re-opening already packed boxes to look for valuable items such as cell phone chargers, medicines, daily clothes or toiletries. Store items that the family would immediately need in a carry all luggage and load them last in the family car.

6. Take a few days off from work

The truth is, no matter how long you have prepared for this, moving is an exhausting affair. Commission the help of relatives and close friends in packing and unpacking. Serve some food and mocktails and make this a party! Apply for a few days off or schedule your vacation leave around your moving day.

The lots at Trava are generously sized from 550 to 750 sqm., a welcome indulgence especially for those who have been living and working in dense, urban spaces. At Trava, a family can build a beautiful house so spacious it can embrace all new memories, including bonding by the garden or tending to one’s own mini backyard farm.

7. Enjoy your new home

Welcome to your new home! It’s time to put your personal stamp to your new place. Buy new furniture and appliances together as a family. Ask kids how they want to decorate their new bedrooms. Let them select the décor and furniture for their own spaces.

Get a new pet or start a garden in your new spacious lawn. Take a walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful, suburban, nature-rich scenery.

Indeed, relocating is like opening the door to new adventures. Don’t let the nitty-gritty aspects of moving bog you down. Take this as a wonderful opportunity to create new memories and relish the distinctive lifestyle that Trava has to offer.

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