The better normal in Bria Homes

It seemed that the world stopped since the announcement of the quarantine.  So how will Bria Homes Inc. continue to be of service to community members who are still striving to attain their own home?

With the drive to provide Filipino families quality and affordable homes, the housing company quickly heightened its digital effort amid the situation.

Bria Homes’ chief operations officer Red Rosales says, “We need to see all the possibilities, challenge our perceptions and lead this disruption of work. This is also our opportunity to show how we act in a crisis. And as we journey into the future, I am confident that with our new mindset, together we can conquer the challenges of the new normal.”

The company’s customer care department and admin support department immediately launched a massive information campaign through Bria’s different social media platforms, making info accessible to costumers. In addition, Bria expanded its digital presence by being on Pinterest, Spotify, Viber, and other instant messaging applications. Numerous online listing websites were also populated by Bria Homes to ensure that wherever in the internet, people will have a chance to know about house and lot offers from over 50 project areas nationwide.

Bria Homes reservation and payment methods are now online.

As a precautionary measure and its contribution in flattening the curve, Bria launched its online reservation and online payment methods. Here, having a home is a click away. Along with that, Bria’s sales force migrated its Product Knowledge Seminar (PKS), recruitment, tripping, and open house to the digital world. Wherever and whenever, Bria’s amenities and opportunities are readily available for people to browse. Bria Homes is the people’s home of choice. And during the time when people’s movement were limited, Bria Homes kept its promise by assuring consistent communication and innovative convenience to any Filipino dreamer wishing to have their new home.