Home improvement amid COVID-19

With the extended Enhanced Community Quarantine, every household is prioritizing the health and safety of their families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping your families healthy and safe inside your home should also mean keeping your home in good shape and comfortable to live in.

Five weeks have passed since the lockdown was implemented and I believe that many of us have realized that our homes are more than just a place where we sleep or hang out at. In this new light, we see our homes as a safe haven during the ongoing pandemic. We need to take advantage of the extra time we have on our hands to get our homes well-designed and a comfortable residence for the long run.

No matter how big or small your home is, now is the best time for homeowners to think and come up with a plan on how to improve every space in their home. These uncertain times could be the perfect opportunity to do the things you’ve been planning to do to improve your home. Making some simple improvements in your home could not only stop yourselves from getting bored, but it could also encourage your families to stay at home during this quarantine period.

Here are few simple improvements and renovations you can do while quarantined at home.

  • Declutter your home. When you want to get started improving your homes, the first thing you need to do is to look around, ask yourselves what you could do better and how you can make it the best version of itself. To give it a clean and fresh look, declutter your home. Though keeping your homes clean and tidy is quite challenging with everyone at home all the time, try getting them involved in cleaning the house. Decluttering your home means removing distractions and throwing away old things you don’t use anymore. You might see it hard to get rid of things you once loved, thinking they might be useful in the future, but you need to let those things go if you really want to make better and more appealing living spaces.
Decluttering your home means removing distractions and throwing away old things you don’t use anymore.
  • Rearrange furniture and appliances. Now that you have some extra space after decluttering your home, why not rearrange your furniture, appliances, and other home interiors to create fresh perspectives? Making changes and trying out a new furniture arrangement could brighten up your space in new ways. Before you move one furniture to a different area, make sure to have accurate measurements of the furniture and the room dimensions so you avoid wasting time and energy when you realize that the furniture won’t fit. Once you have the measurements, you can now start swapping interiors from one room to another. When you’re done creating a freshened-up look for your home, you can now share the lovelier abode with the whole family.
  • Enhance your lighting. One of the most essential elements to consider in improving your homes is your lighting. Your homes could feel unwelcoming and plain because of bad lighting. If you have extra light bulbs, go and replace your flickering, burned-out bulbs. To increase natural light into your homes, clean your windows and remove any covering that blocks the light. You can also clean and replace your curtains to make your room feel brighter.
  • Make a list of needs. After doing minor improvements at home, chances are you’ll realize that there are some home essentials you lack and home problems you cannot fix at the moment. Make a list. You will discover that you need to grab additional cleaning supplies like mop, vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, or disinfectant cleaner, and hardware tools such as pliers, drills, or screwdrivers. As you make a new layout for your home, you realize you’re out of electrical outlets and you need extension cords to plug in your appliances.

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