Pursuing inclusive growth through sustainable estates

Stellar figures on economic growth mean nothing to society when it completely ignores the need for social progress.

As the World Economic Forum puts it, economic progress as a measure for human development alone is incomplete. One must also consider whether a society has the capacity to meet basic human needs, enhance and sustain the quality of lives, and create conditions for its citizens to succeed.

Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) has always been for bringing together living, working, commercial, and leisure aspects in its developments to achieve true inclusive growth. Now on its 29th mixed-use estate, the company remains fixed on developing projects that promote growth and connectivity.

For instance, ALI estates give people the option to live close to where they work. With traffic congestion pushing commuters to stress limits every day, people would rather buy or rent condo units or find co-living spaces near their offices.

Ayala Malls Cloverleaf

ALI’s residential brands Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida, Amaia, and BellaVita offer different price points that aim to meet the needs of every customer. The company has also recently introduced The Flats, its co-living concept, with locations in Makati and Taguig, that offers shared living spaces to young professionals at affordable rates in prime locations.

Job generation is also an important aspect in developing ALI’s estates. Cresendo, the company’s newly-launched estate in Tarlac City, is projected to generate about 2,000 jobs once the Cresendo Industrial Park is in full swing. Here, the company hopes to attract locators in light to medium, nonpolluting industries by 2022.

To support the demands of young families with growing children, ALI has partnered with premier learning institutions across the country, such as Miriam College, De La Salle School, and Xavier School, among others.

Play is another significant part of ensuring a person’s overall development. In Nuvali, one can enjoy various nature amenities such as a bike trail, multi-functional lake, hiking paths, wildlife and bird sanctuary, and Camp N teambuilding and camping grounds.

The Flats

Lio, ALI’s first tourism estate, combines leisure with ecologically sustainable tourism in El Nido, Palawan. The estate underscores the perfect balance between protecting the environment and generating jobs through sustainable tourism. The company likewise makes sure that about 70 percent of its workforce in Lio comes from the community, helping revitalize its local economy.

Another key aspect in building ALI’s sustainable estates is open spaces, built into the heart of every development. These exist not only to beautify the scenery but also to provide a place of interaction for residents and guests.

Ayala Triangle Gardens, for instance, provides green open spaces for outdoor leisure activities such as jogging or yoga, or even for picnics with family and friends.

ALI continues to update its established developments, such as the Makati Central Business District, to integrate sustainable aspects in tune with the changing times.

Lio Estate

The company is currently building One Ayala, a mixed-use development with an intermodal transport hub that melds together various modes of transportation such as south-bound buses, AUVs, and jeepneys. It will also offer a naturally-ventilated terminal for point-to-point buses and will have a direct connection to the MRT and the elevated walkway of the Makati Central Business District (MCBD), allowing a weather-protected walking experience for passengers. One Ayala enhances and redefines the commuters’ experience by providing a terminal with a safe, secure and dedicated queuing area surrounded with shops and food stalls where they can line up and wait comfortably.

Aside from protected walkways that provide easy access to transit terminals, ALI has also integrated pedestrian-friendly streets that consider public transit connections in other estates such as Circuit Makati, Arca South, Vermosa, Cloverleaf, and Alviera.

With a clear vision on how to bring inclusive growth and enhance quality of life in every development, ALI makes sure that its estates evolve and stand the test of time.