Increase productivity during home quarantine

Over the past weeks, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has extremely changed the lives of people worldwide. Our own government is continuously taking necessary steps and precautionary measures and guidelines to protect public health, safety, and well-being of the communities affected to lessen the impact of the virus.

Truth be told, the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing. To keep the public safe, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced basic protective measures against coronavirus like washing and sanitizing hands often, maintaining social distance, practicing proper respiratory hygiene, and avoiding touching nose, eyes, and mouth. Strictly implementing ”social distancing,” various public places such as malls, churches, theatres, schools, and others have been ordered to stop operations across Luzon.

Many people — from students to corporate workers — are now shifting to work and study remotely over the coming weeks. Educators are setting up online classes to guarantee the continuous learning of their students. Many companies are requiring employees to work from home and keep their work flow going.

Staying at home during this critical time will not limit us. Analyzing and understanding the greater potential of the current situation, there are things we can actually work around. If you want to achieve that so-called work-life balance, here are some practices for an increased productivity at home amid COVID-19 community quarantine.

Organize temporary working space

When you’re used to work on a corporate setup, it might be harder for you to stay focused at home. Let’s accept that there are distractions especially if you are clouded with personal obligations. If you really wanted to finish a certain task or project, organizing a temporary personal working space can help you to avoid distractions that can disrupt your productivity.

What you need is a computer or laptop, a dependable internet connection to get you started. With the provision of innovation and strategies, tools through technology will keep you engaged and connected with your colleagues. And of course, you can play some awesome and cool music. Hearing your favorite songs and artists can surely motivate you to get things done.

When you already have your dedicated home workspace, there’s a great potential that you can adjust to working from home little by little.

Schedule a general cleaning

To ensure health and safety at home, schedule a general cleaning. There are daily chores that need to be done like cooking, washing the dishes, and doing the laundry; but then again, you need to clean up your whole house. You also need to practice routine cleaning of “high touch” surfaces at home like doorknobs, handles, light switches, tables, toilets, faucets, and sinks. By doing so, it will make you feel relieved and calm. Protect your families and stop spreading the virus at home.

Experience more time with family

Many travels, gatherings, and outdoor activities have been cancelled. Families are staying at home to avoid being infected. To avoid worry, anxiety, or boredom while staying at home, you can initiate meaningful conversations and create simple activities while observing social distancing precautions. Although you are setting boundaries, get your children involved in doing household chores.

This time can be an opportunity to cultivate and build emotional connection with your family members. Now, with the work from home setup, parents can spend more time together and increase chances for them to communicate with their children.

Being at home 24/7 grants you flexibility. With the time at hand, you can do whatever you want. Here are some bonus tips.

During this uncertainty, prevent yourselves from being idle at home by taking online short courses to advance your skills set. It can also be an opportunity to learn something new. Study basic foreign language, learn how to cook, acquire basic skills to graphic design, writing, or public speaking.

On top of it all, history tells us that panic is the last thing we need in the face of difficulties. Staying calm while addressing COVID-19 issues is essential. Aside from that, daily checking on coronavirus updates to stay alert will protect you from misinformation.

The Filipino people need to work things together to help prevent the damage that COVID-19 can cause. Our solidarity is the key to defeating this threat to our society. In coping with the situation, we have to strictly follow the implemented safety measures and the quarantine arrangement by the government. Moreover, as a Filipino citizen, we have to do our best and cooperate to make our community a safe place to live in.

Stay positive and I’m sure we can get through this difficult time, together. Keep safe at home.