A ‘city within a park’ is the way to build

For future-forward property developer Greenfield Development Corporation (GDC), creating lasting, sustainable living spaces is at the core of everything they stand for. Its mantra, “Building For Generations,” exemplifies the company’s commitment to contribute to the progress of the country by pioneering future-proofed, master-planned communities with environmentally friendly and architecturally sound homes that can be inherited by many more generations to come.

This is why even now GDC is relentless in its pursuit to develop promising land areas into sustainable suburban enclaves. From sprawling open-fenced communities that harmonize with nature, to low-density residential buildings that boast lush greenery against an urban background, GDC understands that sustainability is the new luxury that can withstand the test of time.

Luxury Meets Eco-Friendly

Greenfield City alone, GDC’s 400-hectare, self-sustaining master-planned community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, has been warmly welcomed by residents looking to invest in an eco-rich but modern environment, showing that living in a City within a Park is truly the way forward. And for the young couples, new families, empty nesters, and everyone else in the same boat that yearn for their own escape inside the township, GDC has put up its first attractive mid-rise condominium that is soon ready to be called home.

Perspective of Zadia in Greenfield City with its five towers

Zadia is Greenfield’s promise of inspired, green living brought to life. The five-building low-density development spanning 3.6 hectares of prime property gives future residents a chance to live “greenspired,” by combining the convenient appeal of simple condo living with the luxurious allure of lush greenery, minus the bustling mega city crowd and pollution.

For the individual who’s conscious of the environment or for family members that seek the healing of nature to replenish their well-being after a grueling day, Zadia provides a sustainable getaway in the form of spacious private units with their own balcony. A whopping 80 percent will also be dedicated to verdant open spaces, complemented by tree-lined sidewalks fit for relaxed strolling; family-friendly amenities such as sports courts, parks, playgrounds, the clubhouse, and the pool foster better community togetherness, too. For the residents that desire a more familiar, city-like slice of life, Zadia is close to Paseo Outlets, Laguna Central, and Arcadia, as well as other lifestyle establishments, schools, and hospitals.

It’s no wonder then that 95 percent of all 800 units in towers 1 and 2 of Zadia development have been quickly taken up, while tower 3 with another 480 units was just recently launched.

The Future Is Green

Suffice to say, Greenfield’s Zadia towers prove that more and more people are ready to leave a life of endless grinding in exchange for a more laid-back environment that still allows for a sustainable way of life.

Sustainably built architecture melded into near-untouched greenery with the promise of luxurious open spaces and, ultimately, comfortable-convenient living — this has been the Greenfield signature for over two solid decades. And with more efficient, “greenspired” vertical developments in store for Greenfield City and beyond, the future is truly, lastingly, excitingly green.

Visit www.greenfield.com.ph for more information on Zadia.