Serene sanctuary doubles as investment

The province of Cavite continues to strengthen its ground as one of the most ideal locations to invest and build a home.

Once referred to as the bedroom community of Metro Manila, Cavite has undeniably managed to transform into one of the most industrialized and fastest growing provinces with the influx of new businesses and the rollout of key infrastructure projects. Such significant developments have also allowed the province to gain more attention from homebuyers, investors and developers.

Among the first developers to tap the potential of Cavite was trusted property builder Sta. Lucia Land Inc., which currently has a number of completed and ongoing projects, all of which are meant to cater to the growing demand of quality developments in the area.

“Cavite is such a valuable market for us. We have long seen its potential, thus we made it a point to establish our presence here early on. As a developer, it is important that we are aware of where the market is going and what it wants because that would help define the success of our project. Cavite is one area where you still have a huge market, individuals who are waiting for the right offering at a good price,” said Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles.

Aquamira offers Caviteños a community that has ample space for people to grow, enjoy nature and find respite from the metro’s hustle and bustle.

“We are aware of the importance of having a strong presence in an area like Cavite were land values have jumped by a whopping 300 percent. And we don’t see it changing direction anytime soon, given its proximity to Metro Manila and the completion of numerous infrastructure projects that are set to directly benefit Cavite. But what’s crucial here is the kind of projects that are being offered. How will you make your product stand out given that all the developers already have presence here?” Robles added.

Sta. Lucia Land is thus giving Cavite the Aquamira Resort and Residences, located inside the 600-hectare Saddle & Clubs Leisure Park in the municipality of Tanza. Here, buyers and investors have the option to own a villa — surrounded by the clear and calming view of the water — and turn this into his or her second home. More than 100 units, measuring 28 sqm. each, opens to a sweeping view of the pool.

Robles believes that a unique offering such as Aquamira will offer Caviteños a community that has ample space for people to grow, enjoy nature and find respite from the metro’s hustle and bustle.

Top-of-the-line amenities allow guests to enjoy and relax at Aquamira.

“For our latest offering, we decided to create a sanctuary that not only provides respite but also allows owners to possibly earn. The Aquamira Resort and Residences is the first of its kind in a condotel development as it is built around a water park, thus giving investors and owners that feeling of being on vacation every day,” Robles explained.

Here, one can readily enjoy the resort’s top-of-the-line amenities that make for the perfect recreation and relaxation. These same world-class facilities and ambience offered by Aquamira Resort and Residences also provide a conducive, excellent venue for team building. In fact, the Sta. Lucia Lady Realtors recently held their team building here.

Apart from giving a fresh take on what luxurious living is all about, Aquamira Resorts and Residences is also offering an attractive investment pull because the lifestyle you can enjoy here can also be shared with others since it is also a full-service condotel.

The Sta. Lucia Lady Realtors recently held their team building at Aquamira Resort and Residences.

“Buying a unit at Aquamira is like buying into a different kind of lifestyle, one that is truly ideal especially in today’s fast paced world. As it is surrounded by nature and built with well-thought-out amenities, buyers and vacationers can truly find respite and will surely have the time of their life here. Also, it’s the kind of investment that would allow you to earn as it functions as a condotel, wherein you get 30 room nights free while all through out the year, our competent property management group will have your unit rented out, taken cared of to guarantee you good returns,” Robles concluded.

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